Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Smith & Shinozaki Top Vote Getters in Roosevelt Island Election For Nominees To The RIOC Board Of Directors

Image of RIOC Board Nominee Votes Being Counted At Good Shepherd Community Center

The votes were just counted in the election for 2 Nominees to the Roosevelt Island Board of Directors. The results are as follow:
  • Margie Smith - 578
  • Michael Shinozaki - 318
  • Lee Edelman - 287
  • Tammy Jackson - 187
  • Total 768 ballots
Congratulations to Ms. Smith and Mr. Shinozaki and thanks to Ms. Jackson and Mr. Edelman for participating in the process.

Note that there are more votes cast than total number of ballots because each ballot could vote for two candidates.

Now let's get Ms. Smith and Mr. Shinozaki nominated and confirmed by the NY State Senate!