Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Top Of Roosevelt Island Tram Tower 1 In Manhattan Removed - New Tram Service Scheduled To Resume Service By End Of September

Topless Roosevelt Island Tram Tower #1

As noted in last Friday's post:
The big crane is in place so work will begin this weekend to replace the Top of the Roosevelt Island Tram Tower 1 in Manhattan this weekend...
The Tower Top was removed today. The Tower Side Arms are still waiting to be taken down.

Topless Roosevelt Island Tram Tower #1

Last look at the old Roosevelt Island Tram Tower Top from last Friday.

According to Rosina Abramson, Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Vice President of Planning and Governmental Affairs:
IF present conditions continue and there are no further unanticipated delays due to permitting, etc. we hope to be able to open one side of the Tram to service by the end of September and the other the first week in October...
More information on Roosevelt Island Tram Modernization Project available from earlier posts.

UPDATE 10:40 PM - Roosevelt Island Historical Society President Judy Berdy sends in these photos of the Tram Tower Arm being taken down from Tower 1.

More pictures from Ms. Berdy of the Tram Arm coming down from the Tower.


Anonymous said...

A different topic but NY Times City Room blog has a lengthy piece on the removal of Steve Shane. It says DHCR Deputy Commissioner Leslie Torres may be the new RIOC president.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the writer had to squeeze in facts that do not relate to the issue at all. Why the mentioning of Shane's salary, for example?

Anyway, where is the transparency that the elected residents were so eager to achieve? Why does nobody speak up and say what the reason for Shane's termination was? I just cannot get my head around this. I hope these folks know that they were elected and hopefully will all be replaced by others who, hopefully, will not be as easily spoiled by the new-found power. Or will the current board make sure that there will be no more elections? That's in their power as well, isn't it?

I wonder why Shane is not saying anything about the reasons why he was let go. Does he know?

Anonymous said...

From your June 21st post on the Tram project: "Preliminary architectural design for station improvements continues. There will be a community presentation for reaction, comment and decisions about trade-offs."

It is now July 20th. Will this presentation truly take place with time to incorporate input from the community?

Anonymous said...

Amen to the second poster, I haven't looked at the NY Times blog yet, but will.

What transparency- there is Still None and these new Resident elected Board Members have gone power hungry-crazy..

I have lived in WV 28 years and Ms. Fay Christian mentioned that we should all be very worried about Westview without saying exactly why.

What Audacity and Arrogancy by all of them-the resident members that is, they must have forgotten who elected them, the Residents and for a very very long time we and Steve Shane fought to get them on the RIOC Board and look how the Resident Community was re-paid.

I want to know ASAP what the Hell is really going on with ALL the WIRE buildings not just the self appointed Rivercross RIOC resdient Board Members whom seem to think they run and own this Island- They Don't.

NYS controls their ground leases, too, just like Westview and Island House.



Anonymous said...

Fay Christianson is one of the Board Members who lives in Rivercross that stands to "get paid" when it goes private. Start with her.

Anonymous said...

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