Thursday, July 22, 2010

Scenes From Roosevelt Island Bicycle Safety Day - 360 Free Bike Helmets Distributed By Public Safety Dep't, Safe Kids NYC & DOT

RI Public Safety Director Guerra & Helmet Recipients At Bike Safety Day

Last Tuesday was Roosevelt Island Bicycle Safety Day. Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department Director Keith Guerra sends the following report and images:
On Tuesday, July 20th, the Public Safety Department Co-Sponsored its 2nd Annual Bicycle Helmet Day with SafeKids NYC. Volunteers from DOT assisted with the fitting and distribution of 360 Free Bike Helmets on a beautiful Summer day. PSD Officers were on hand to meet and greet the residents and provided refreshments to all the patient people who waited in line. Cheryl Johnson from DOT was quoted as saying, "This was the 1st time that we actually ran out of helmets." This event is such a hit with the Roosevelt Island Community that the Public Safety Department vows to have one every year. So please, wear your helmets while riding and encourage the kids to wear theirs as well.

Excellent program - please remember to Bike Safely.


Anonymous said...

What a nice event this is. I'm glad PSD is doing this every year. I went for a helmet for my children and they gave me one too. They wanted me to set the example, which is a great idea. They also gave out chips, cookies, juice and water. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The credit should actually go straight to the DOT because they are the ones organizing bike helmet events all over the city. I really like the current commissioner of the DOT and I hope she'll be able to get the bicycle to become more mainstream.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the DOT does not organize the events. They are requisitioned by agencies and not-for-profit organizations, mainly through Safe Kids NYC, and a list is created. You have to get on that list in order to receive the Free Helmet Service. I know. I work on Maiden Ln for the DOT. Oh, and the Commissioner IS great, by the way.

Anonymous said...

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