Thursday, March 23, 2023

Sponsored Post - Roosevelt Island Saturday Farmers Market At Motorgate Plaza Featuring Healthy Fruits & Vegetables,Cage Free Amish Farms Brown Eggs,Homemade Yogurt & More - Returns To Good Shepherd Plaza Warm Weather Home Next Satuday April 1

The Roosevelt Island Saturday Farmers Market located at Motorgate Plaza under the Helix 

during the cold weather months is open early morning to mid afternoon in good weather and bad offering a wide variety of locally grown healthy and delicious tasting fresh fruits, vegetables and much more.

Farmers Market vendor Israel Wengerd adds:

This Saturday March 25, we are featuring Cage Free Amish Farms Brown Eggs at $4.99 a dozen, Homemade Yogurt and a Full Line of Healthy Fruit and Vegetables. 

We will be under the Motorgate Helix for the last time this week and returning to our warm weather home at Good Shepherd Plaza next Saturday April 1. 

The Roosevelt Island Saturday Farmers Market is also a gathering spot to meet with our neighbors and learn about the latest neighborhood news and gossip.

I'm looking forward to the Farmers Market move back to Good Shepherd Plaza on April 1.

See you at the Saturday Roosevelt Island Farmers Market.