Friday, March 21, 2014

RIOC Bus Expert Asks MTA To Put The Roosevelt Island Q 102 Where The Customers Are - Residents Suggest Better Bus Route Service To Long Island City And Astoria

On March 3, MTA Bus representatives met with a joint Community Board 8 (CB 8) Roosevelt Island/Transportation Committee and local residents to discuss Q 102 bus service on Roosevelt Island.

 Image of Q102 Bus From Wikipedia

Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Director Of Operations, formerly RIOC Transportation General Manager and before that a long time MTA bus employee  Cy Opperman asked the MTA to better coordinate the Q 102 Roosevelt Island bus service with the RIOC Red Bus service. Mr. Opperman suggested that the MTA Q 102 bus stops at every RIOC Red Bus stop and to also change its route for the evening rush hour.

For the evening rush hour service, Mr. Opperman would like the Q102 bus to make a left after coming down the Roosevelt Island Bridge and head south, instead of north, to pick up passengers coming home from work at the Tram and Subway Station and then head north to the Octagon before going back over the Roosevelt Island Bridge to Queens.

According to Mr. Opperman, this Q 102 route change would be a tremendous benefit to Manhattan Park and Octagon residents as well as shorten lines at the evening rush hour bus stops.

Mr. Opperman emphasized:
Put The Buses Where The Customers Are
Here is the video of Mr. Opperman's remarks.

I asked the MTA representatives about providing better Q 102 bus service to the vibrant shopping districts of Long Island City and Astoria from Roosevelt Island.

Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Planning Committee Chair Frank Farance suggested that the Astoria bound Q 104 and Long Island City bound Q 103 could stop at the top of the Roosevelt Island Helix by the entrance to the Motorgate Garage.

Also discussed was service to Coler Hospital, Bus Driver Courtesy and changes to route due to Cornell construction.

Here's video of almost all of the hour long meeting.

This was a very informative meeting. Good job by the MTA officials, Community Board 8, Mr. Opperman and residents in attendance.