Thursday, July 10, 2008

No Heavily Armed Segway Cops Needed For May 2008 Roosevelt Island Public Safety Incidents

Image of Chinese Anti-Terror Police on Segway from Wired

Stop holding your breath and don't worry. These are not the Roosevelt Island Public Safety officers coming after you for holding an open container that may contain alcohol at your next picnic. They are the Chinese Anti-Terror police preparing for next month's Beijing Olympics, if that makes you feel any better.

Back to Roosevelt Island. Below is is a breakdown of Roosevelt Island Public Safety statistics for May 2008 categorized by Calls for Service, Index of Crimes, Misdemeanors and Non- Crime Violations. As in previous months, the largest number of Public Safety responses (67) were for coming to the aid of injured or sick persons. There was also one assault (off Island) one robbery and one burglary on Island.

Read this document on Scribd: maypublicsafety

Here is the updated daily Roosevelt Island Public Safety reports for May 1 - July 6 2008. Note that there has been great progress the last few months in keeping the Motorgate Garage safe from vandalism. Since early April, there has been only one incident that I am aware of - on June 30. According to Public Safety report for that date:
vandalizedvehicle- psd officer observed vehicle in motorgate damaged level 5d.
But beware, if you do have an open container of alcohol, Roosevelt Island Public Safety Officers on Segways like this one may find you.

Image from RIOC

This is one of Roosevelt Island's Segway Cops who made an arrest using the Segway. (Not the Gentlemen in the photo though)


Anonymous said...

That first picture is of Public Safety officers reacting to someone making a U turn on Main Street.

Anonymous said...

Did anybody from the RIOC or PSD ever justify the purchase of those two Segways? I would really love to hear why they had to spend $15 grand (at least) on those things.

Anonymous said...

I think people need to relax and stop worrying about public safety so much. I say hi to all of them and they say hi back. They are honest workers trying to make a living. People with your comments make me want to sink the island.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know what happened this weekend (july 11,12,13) regarding the violence seen on roosevelt island. i heard from numerous sources there was a stabbing as well as a huge fight.

Anonymous said...

wow, what happened? All I know is when I woke up this morning and looked out of my window at Manhattan Park I saw that some idiots vandalized the Manhattan Park Pool. All the furniture (tables, benches, umbrella stands, even trash cans) were thrown into the water. I wonder if this was in anyway related to this?


I have asked Public Safety Director Keith Guerra for comment on this incident. Will let you know of his response.

Anonymous said...

another reason to hate roosevelt island: "open container/PSD arrested...." this practice of arresting people [no, it's never happened to me] for trifling, victimless crimes is only endorsed by anti-libertarian jerks like giuliani and his bootlicker supporters.

if YOU like the idea of someone who's sipping beer on their way home from work getting locked up, then i hope that the very next time YOU do some utterly benign thing technically qualifying as a crime that you are put in handcuffs and spend many miserable hours in jail for it, plus pay a hefty fine. GET SOME.

Anonymous said...

granted there are numerous silly "crimes" as you can all read in a ny state penal law index, rules are rules and they are enforced. look back in the day when there were dumb laws, but still enforced (ie: you must wear matching shirt and pants in carmel ny!!!)

the open container situation on RI is getting somewhat out of control. if you cant walk down Broadway in NYC with a beer, then you should not be able to walk down main st with a beer. the same goes for the parks - in central park you are arrested for open container, just like you should be in lighthouse park or the other parks on the island. i see a huge problem with this in octagon park.

I walk my dog and see numerous open containers of alcohol, and i also see children around in the area. right there is enough for a summons. when i was a kid my parents did not put booze in front of us.

10044 is apart of NYC. RI is not a "safe haven" to get away with things.

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