Sunday, July 6, 2008

Leaving Roosevelt Island By Subway And Tram After Fireworks Celebration - Quite A Mess But Uneventful!

Image of subway crowd leaving Roosevelt Island after July 4 fireworks from etienne-laurie via Roosevelt Island 360

I have never seen so many people at the Roosevelt Island subway station and Tramway as I did last Friday night with people trying to leave the Island after the July 4 Fireworks show. Readers of this post, begona and mike, send in the following comments:
I'm not sure if the crowd last night was bigger than anticipated, because nothing we had seen prior to the event gave any indication as to the mob scene that it would be attempting to leave
There will be more on the Fourth of July festivities from Roosevelt Island tomorrow.

UPDATE - 5PM: Reader Craig offers this observation on subway crush and possible solution to future Roosevelt Island extravaganzas based upon Coney Island experience:
when we went to the mermaid parade, the police simply opened the service gates and let people through for free and avoided a crush like that...
I've seen similar practices after Yankee games or concerts as well. Good idea depending upon circumstances on the ground at the time.


Anonymous said...

Do we have more insider info on this? I doubt that the turnstiles were the bottle neck. The fact that there was only one elevator, one escalator, and a very narrow stairwell, and only one access path down to the platform is a logistic nightmare. The RI subway station is not made for a crowd like the after fireworks crowd.

Btw, how was that handled last year and the years before?