Monday, October 5, 2009

Update On Roosevelt Island Bed Bugs - They're Crawling Around Eastwood/Roosevelt Landings And Rivercross Too! Call Out The Dogs!

You tube Video of Bed Bug Dogs

In response to earlier posts concerning reports to the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department about a bed bug problem at Eastwood/Roosevelt Landings, a skeptical reader asks:
Just wondering, don't you think both bedbug reports are more than a little suspicious? Have you heard anything independently about bedbugs at Eastwood?
I replied:
Regarding the bed bugs - They were mentioned as a problem by the RIRA housing committee chair at the September RIRA meeting in addition to the Public Safety reports.

I am looking into it and will try to get a comment from Urban American when I return.

I think it is a relevant story. If the presence of bed bugs is true, then people should know about it. If it is not true, then the fact that someone would make it up in order to get out of a lease or pressure the landlord in some manner is a story as well.
In response to my inquiry Joyce Mincheff, Co-Chair of the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Housing Committee, confirmed the presence of Bed Bugs at Eastwood/Roosevelt Landings and Rivercross. She writes:
There is a bedbug problem throughout the City!

Not only have I heard of the problem in Eastwood but also in Rivercross. It is likely that the other buildings are affected as well.

People are loathe to come forward when they have the little critters for several reasons- because it's a source of embarrassment and because they may simply not know or be in denial over having them. The most important thing to recognize about having them is that it's not your fault! If you fail to report them, however, you're enabling their spread to your neighbors.

Not only does the invaded apartment have to be exterminated, the adjacent units, both laterally and horizontally should be sprayed as well. Failure to report the problem to management inhibits their ability to take comprehensive action.

Temperature extremes kill bedbugs and they don't just hide in mattresses. They can be in clothing as well, picture frames, furniture, couches, etc. Placing clothing in the dryer or the freezer for several days will destroy them.

Urban American is cooperating totally in eradicating the problem. They will bag and remove mattresses as well as helping to move bags of clothing or belongings. No one with an infested mattress should attempt the removal of it on their own. They need to be encased and discarded where no one else can pick it up. Management will exterminate in infested and adjacent units. When they send you a notice telling you they need access to spray, please heed their request!

In Eastwood, because of its intricate design, the neighboring apartment is unlikely to be the person next door to you on your hallway nor the person who's address is directly above or below you. Please be diligent in contacting management so the correct apartments can be located. Report your problem immediately.

If you wake up and have an itchy bump that wasn't there when you went to had a six legged visitor during the night. Call right away. You could have been such a great host that your guest doesn't need to dine again for several months, so don't judge whether you have a problem by whether you're bitten again the next evening.

Just because you have bedbugs does not necessarily mean the removal of your mattress. Only a professional should make that call. There are ways to treat and salvage your mattress.

If you have bedbugs please don't attempt to eradicate them simply through the use of home remedies! Your problem is your neighbor's problem as well. Please contact management to have it treated effectively and immediately.

There are a couple of things folks can do to minimize the liklihood that they will bring bedbugs into their apartment:

Refrain from purchasing second hand furniture or second-hand clothing.

If purchasing something second hand, keep your purchase sealed until you can either cycle it through the dryer or send it to the dry cleaner.

If you travel, take a good look at the mattress you are sleeping on and upon your return, carefully inspect your belongings and luggage as you unpack.

Although bed bug pictures usually portray them as a brownish red disks about half the size of your fingernail, they go through stages that are less obvious, including a clear stage.

If you're really concerned about whether you may have them hibernating...they can go up to a year without might want to call the bedbug sniffing really exists! You can find him on the internet.

More on Roosevelt Island bed bugs here.

UPDATE - 10/6 - An Eastwood/Roosevelt Landings Bug Bug Task Force has been formed.


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