Friday, November 14, 2014

Red Tail Hawk Lunches On Rat At Roosevelt Island Pier Today - Great Place To Eat For Humans And Hawks

Image From Rossana Ceruzzi

Received a tip on Wednesday of a Red Tail Hawk seen in tree at southern tip of Rivercross lawn.

Image Of Hawk In Rivercross Tree Branch From Denise Shull

This afternoon, NY State Wildlife Rehabilitator Rossane Ceruzzi spotted the Red Tail Hawk

Image From Rossana Ceruzzi

lunching on a rat

Image From Rossana Ceruzzi

at the Roosevelt Island Pier (summer home of Eleanor's Pier Outdoor Eating Area)

(Video from Ms. Ceruzzi).

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) issued this November 7 Waterfront Concession Request For Proposals for the Pier due December 22. The Pier is a great place to enjoy the East River waterfront view and have a bite to eat.

Just ask the Hawk.

UPDATE 11/17 - Ms. Ceruzzi sends an up close and personal view of the Hawk lunching on rat at the Roosevelt Island East River Pier before flying away.