Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Join Bike New York And Roosevelt Island Historic Society For Free Tour Of RI Historic Landmarks Sunday November 16 And Free Classes Too - Also, Interview With Bike New Yorker Of Month RI Resident Sharon Pope

Bike New York's Roosevelt Island Community Outreach Manager Caitlin Goodspeed reports:
Join Bike New York and The Roosevelt Island Historical Society for a fun free tour of the island on Sunday, November 16 at 1:30pm! We’ll stop at six different landmarks where a member of the historical society will share some of the history that makes this island so unique. Bikes and helmets will be provided. For more information, please email me at

Keep Riding!
Image Of Previous Bike NY Ride At Historic Roosevelt Island Lighthouse From Caitlin Goodspeed

Ms. Goodspeed adds:
We also have some free classes coming up at Sportspark.

Sunday, Nov. 16: Bicycling Basics, 1-4pm (Sportspark Gym)

Tuesday, Nov. 18: Learn to Ride – Adults, 10 - 12, 1-3 (Sportspark Gym)

Wednesday, Nov. 19: Bike Commuting 101, 7-8pm (Sportspark Lounge)

Tuesday, Nov. 25: Learn to Ride – Adults, 10 - 12, 1-3 (Sportspark Gym)

As usual, bikes and helmets will be provided for all of our classes. If there are any questions or difficulties registering, people may contact me at
Also, Roosevelt Island resident and Bike New York Outreach Manager Sharon Pope

Image of Ms. Pope Bike Riding In Lighthouse Park From Bike New York

 was recently profiled as a Bike New Yorker and responded to some questions such as:
... Let’s talk a bit more about Roosevelt Island, where Bike New York has been quite busy as of late, with year ‘round indoor classes, as well as rides and events during the warmer months. What has the response been like from locals?...
Ms. Pope replied:
... It’s just been awesome. People have taken advantage of the classes, and we continue to have more and more support. Which is especially gratifying now, while the community is grieving over the tragic death of Anna Maria Moström, a cyclist and Roosevelt Island resident who died after getting hit by bus a few weeks ago. Roosevelt Island is an idyllic community. I can’t remember a time—and I’ve been here since the ‘70s—when someone has lost their life in this way. But while the community is grieving and trying to manage its shock, it’s also been good to see how Bike New York immediately stepped up and said “look, there are ways that signage can be improved.” We’re also making sure people know that taking our classes helps ensures that they’re aware of safe cycling best practices. It’s been wonderful to see that happen. I think the community has been able to grab onto something positive out of this tragedy...
Click here for the full Bike New York interview with Ms. Pope.