Thursday, July 12, 2018

6 Roosevelt Island Baby Ducklings Trapped Down Cornell Tech Campus Drain Rescued Yesterday By Wildlife Freedom Foundation And FDNY - Returned To Mom And Last Seen Paddling In East River

Roosevelt Island resident Rossana Ceruzzi is founder and President of the Wildlife Freedom Foundation (WFF). Ms Ceruzzi reports:

The Wildlife Freedom Foundation got a phone call from Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department yesterday afternoon. A good Samaritan whose name is Georgiana, called for help. Six ducklings were stuck down a drain near Cornell Campus. Momma duck was in the river with the seventh one.

WFF went to the rescue!!

We got three out while waiting for the FDNY to come to pull the heavy grate up. And They came quickly!!

Kudos to LADDER 116!!
We wish to express our sincerest gratitude and appreciation to PSD Detective Ramon Potter and PSO Ortiz whose effectiveness and assistance led to the prompt rescue of the six ducklings. Thank you!!

More good news!!

We were able to give back all the babies to mom who was in the river further south resting on a rock.
The Wildlife Freedom Foundation is:
...a non profit organization 501 (c)(3) formed for the purpose of protecting and conserving wildlife and caring for stray animal populations in NYC....
More info on the Wildlife Freedom Foundation available at its web site and Facebook page.

UPDATE 7/13 - Ms Ceruzzi releasing the baby ducklings back into the East River.