Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pooping Pigeons Continue To Plauge Roosevelt Island F Subway Station- Keep Your Head Down!

Roosevelt Island F Subway Station Rafters Filled With Pigeon Droppings
Be careful not to look up into the rafters of the Roosevelt Island F Train subway station when entering because you might get a big disgusting surprise plopped right in your face. Pooping pigeons continue to plauge the Roosevelt Island F Train subway station with their droppings.

Yesterday's scene at the F Train entrance was particularly vile. (Click on the images for full impact). Fortunately, the turnstyle droppings were cleaned up later that day.

Roosevelt Island F Subway Station Turnstle Bird Droppings

The MTA keeps performance metrics on such quality issues as on time train performance, crime, passenger overcrowding and escalator maintenance. Perhaps they should add a metric for disgusting pigeon poop? If they do, Roosevelt Island would certainly fail big time in this category!

Pigeon Waiting For F Train At Roosevelt Island Subway Station


Anonymous said...

Apparently, pigeons aren't concerned about flying into one of the deepest stations in the system. Or maybe they just can't navigate their way out once they get there. Either way, swiping through a turnstile covered in pigeon poop is a disgusting experience.

Anonymous said...

Someone please call and complain to the MTA.