Friday, August 28, 2009

New Water Fountain By Roosevelt Island Tram Reminds Some of Versailles - Others See It As A Waste Of Money

Image of Roosevelt Island Fountain At Night From Getezra via Yfrog

The new Roosevelt Island Water Fountain greeting passengers on their way to and from the Tram has been operational for about a month now. Getezra took this pretty nighttime photo and Tweeted:
New fountain at roosevelt island tramway circle is up and spouting
D Miller took a video of the Fountain during the daytime and named it the Roosevelt Island Fountain of Versailles - declaring it "lovely".

You Tube Video of Roosevelt Island Fountain of Versailles

Not the first time someone has made a comparison between Paris and Roosevelt Island.

Some Roosevelt Island residents commenting on this earlier post about the Fountain are not so happy with it. For instance:
That is disgusting- we don't need that, total waste of State Money.

The resident of the older part of Main Street are trying to survive here with Rent hikes, etc.

I have been here for 27 years- we had no fountain near the Tram and we did quite well.
What a huge waste of funds when the Island is in such disrepair. It's gross!
There are huge amounts of money being wasted here on RI, that is another example of OUR-the WIRE Building's money, rent, that is going down the drain.

Westview-27 year Resident.

It is All Sickening!! What happened to this Island, we all used to band together and say something and try to triumph!!!!
For the record, the funds for the Roosevelt Island Fountain were paid for by developers of the Riverwalk buildings complex and not by RIOC or with any other public funds. Another reader of earlier post who likes the Water Fountain commented:
Those of you who complain how bad you have it - MOVE! R.I. is a happening place, with a low crime rate (in large part because it has it's own Public Safety). Beautifying the island should be of interest to all, but instead all some people do is complain about stuff. As I said before, if it's so bad - as you say - MOVE!
I like the Water Fountain. It needs some landscaping but it does make the area around the Roosevelt Island Tram Station more attractive. However, I do understand the concerns of some that the more attractive Roosevelt Island becomes, the less likely those with low or moderate incomes will be able to afford to live on Roosevelt Island.

In other New York City Water Fountain news, the NY Times reports on the new Lincoln Center Water Fountain which is controversial to some as well.


Anonymous said...

That same guy from RI360 is the 27 year resident of Westview. He needs to really check his blood pressure.

The island is a perfect place for all ages, but these old people REALLY need to get a grip. If it wasn't for Riverwalk and Southtown area, the Island would be a dump.

You can't have project priced rent and expect Main Street to look like the suburbs.

Anonymous said...

I am the 27 year resident of Westview and I am not the "same guy".

I am actually a Woman who has resided on this Island in Westview for that period of time.

I don't need to check my BP, thank you.

We are fighting for our Homes here and WV does not have "project" priced rent.

RIOC did need to repair Main Street for years, not just from our rent monies and those all together from the older WIRE buildings, River Road, etc. are a considerable amount of money.

They all also had State money years ago to do it, but ignored it.

Roosevelt Island is a nice place to live, why do you think all of us "old timers" still reside here?

The fountain is fine, some of us just thought it was wasting NYS money before we knew that the developer was paying for it.

We don't have a place to move to and we don't want to, why should we, this is our home.

When my family decides to leave, it will be out of my Home City of New York.

This Island wasn't designed to become class segregated, etc.

I have lost my job, some of my Savings, been through a lot.

This Island kept me and my family going.

We have neighbors here in WV and we look out for each other, we know all the Vendors in the Stores, the Tram operators, long before there was a Subway Station here.

Think before you post things like this.


Anonymous said...

If you don't want to move stop complaining about all the improvements that the RIOC is doing to this island.

Anonymous said...

This is supposed to be about a Fountain. Keep to the topics people. I like the fountain and I heard they will be landscaping around it. Very cool!

Anonymous said...

This discussion represents a whole lot more than the fountain. I lived on RI for four years a number of years ago. There was always acrimony between residents of the "original" 1970s buildings and those who lived in the newer building. There was an unfortunate attitude that they had ownership over the island and seemed to resent anyone who came after. Mitchell Lama provided an excellent opportunity for many people around the city. If the program would have continued than the rent would have remained the same. But it didn't. Furthermore, RI has been plaqued by years of mismanagement ... when I lived there it seemed like every business on Main was going out of business.

To the 27 year Westview resident, and to others, I would say, sorry you dont own the island. You are merely a resident, no more important than any other resident no matter how long they have been there. The fact that the island was so sparsely populated for many years probably makes that hard to swallow. But Roosevelt Island was never meant to be what it was for almost 30 years. From the start the plans were drawn and the new buildings fulfill some of those original plans.

We all would like things to stay the same, but guess what RI isnt in a bubble.

Get over it, embrace your new neighbors keep fighting for your improvements, but most importantly, be positive about it. Your RI of 20 years ago is gone forever. You can deal with it or die griping.


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