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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dark History Of Roosevelt Island, One Of The Most Haunted Places In NYC Says Filmmaker - Home To Sick, Disabled And Forgotten Of New York City

Brooklyn filmmaker Lindsay McAleavy reports on the dark and haunted history of Roosevelt Island when it was the 19th century home to a prison, several hospitals and a lunatic hospital for the sick, disabled, abandoned and forgotten of New York City.

Ms McAleavy recounts tales by author Charles Dickens (visiting in 1842) and journalist Nelly Bly (1887 10 Days In A Madhouse Investigative Report) of their horrific visits to Roosevelt Island, then named Blackwell's Island.

Ms McAleavy returns to present day Roosevelt Island adding that many current residents, their pets and visitors encounter inexplicable incidents and paranormal activity, perhaps a remnant from the past.

Here's Ms. McAleavy Roosevelt Island short film.

Island from Lindsay McAleavy on Vimeo.