Monday, May 18, 2015

Roosevelt Island Youth Program/Beacon Stoked Nike Honor Roll Skateboard Club Program Starts Rolling At PS/IS 217 Schoolyard

Roosevelt Island Youth Program (RIYP) Beacon Director of Operations Adib Mansour reports:

Image Of RIYP Beacon Stocked Skateboarding Program At PS/IS 217 Schoolyard

The RIYP Beacon is thrilled to start a skateboarding program in collaboration with the Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) along with NIKE and Stoked Action Sports & Youth Development. With STOKED, we are working to close the opportunity gap through action sports culture. “STOKED develops key skills in students (i.e. teamwork, collaboration, resiliency, goal setting, hard work) that help them grow as students, friends, family members, and citizens. In addition, it provides a safe and structured space for some of our most vulnerable students.” This program is meant to engage students to participate in an activity that interests them while evoking a sense of responsibility, self awareness, and team work.

Out of over 20 applications, Roosevelt Island Youth Program is one of the 7 programs selected to operate the Nike Honor Roll Skateboard Club program at our site.

DYCD"s Todd Francis, Speaking To RIYP/Beacon Skateboarding Program Students

The feedback from both students and parents in our first week of NIKE Honor Roll Skateboard Club Program was fantastic. “I love it” boasted Nisany McDonald, after successfully mastering his first trick.

Coach Shane Medanich,

Image Of Shane Medanich

a native New Yorker, ran 2 successful years of skateboarding syllabus in San Francisco, in after school Beacon programs. He is happy to be involved in a Beacon program back in his beloved New York City. NIKE, DYCD, and STOCKED supplied our students with state-of-the-art helmets and the best available skateboards.

The RIYP / Beacon purchased mobile ramps and we’ll be training the students to showcase their talents on them.

Here’s a video from our first week…

a true RIYP/Beacon success story!
Stoked's Shane Medanich describes the Roosevelt Island Skateboarding Program.

More information on Stoked working to improve the lives of kids through action sports is

available at their web site.

Check out the latest RIYP info at their Facebook Page.