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Roosevelt Island Public Purpose Funds Application Process Begins - Deadline Is January 3, 2012, Get Those Papers Submitted!

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Are you a Roosevelt Island not-for profit 501(c)3 or 4 organization seeking additional funds for next year? If so, this announcement from Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Community Relations Specialist Erica Spencer-El is for you.

Please be advised that the 2012 application for Public Purpose Funding is now available online. To obtain a copy of the application, please visit http://rioc.ny.gov/pdf/Grant_Application.pdf to review current guidelines and to access the application. If you have bookmarked last years application, please do not use it, as new items have been added to the current application. Please note that applicant organizations must be not-for-profit incorporations as defined by 501(c)3 or 501(c)4 Status

The deadline to apply for Public Purpose Funds is Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012 at 5:00 PM. Applications received after the deadline will not be accepted.

The 2012 Public Purpose Grant application can be downloaded or completed online at your convenience. Please submit your completed application and necessary attachments to the RIOC office located at 591 Main Street.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding completing the PPG application please contact me via email, Erica.Spencer-EL@rioc.ny.gov or by calling 212-832-4540 EXT# 349.

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According to RIOC::
... Public Purpose funds first became available after the construction of Manhattan Park in 1989 when New York State allowed the fund to be established in lieu of the developers paying sales tax on construction materials. The RIOC Board of Directors awards these funds upon the recommendation of the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA).
Not-for-profit community organizations are welcome to apply for these funds by following the application process below.

RIRA Mission Statement
Public Purpose Funds should be allocated to benefit Roosevelt Island residents, enhancing their quality of life through education, artistic and cultural enrichment, improved health or a better environment....
The chart below shows the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) recommendations for 2011 (Click on the image to enlarge)

and here's a summary of RIRA's 2011 Public Purpose Funds recommendations from previous post:
Summary of 2011 RIRA Public Purpose Fund Recommendations

Island Kids

Amount requested:    $25,000 Recommended allocation:    $20,000
The Island Kids program continues to be managed effectively and to offer a well-received program. The request is for scholarships for the summer camp that the program runs. With an income eligibility test to receive a camp scholarship, the program benefits low and moderate income residents. Last year, the number of applicants for full and partial scholarships exceeded the funds available. This year, the participation in the program is expected to grow. The committee recommends the same allocation as last year, however.


Amount requested:    $26,558 Recommended allocation:    $20,000
This program will offset the loss of the school's Art program to public school budget cuts. Although the funds for this program were eliminated, the mandate in the curriculum for art instruction remains. Given competing priorities for PPF allocations, the amount the committee recommends represents one fewer teaching artist than the applicants requested.


Amount requested:    $34,610 Recommended allocation    $5,000
This program has received mixed reviews from the parties involved with it. It has been popular with the children involved, but has not been able to expand funding from outside sources. The main concern from the committee for the upcoming year is whether the program would be able to operate effectively in light of renovation taking place at PS/IS 217—it's main programmatic targets in the past. The committee intends that it's allocation promote some continuity in the program as it expands to other target audiences, with the hope that other funding can be found to leverage future PPF allocations.


Amount requested:    $19,500 Recommended allocation    $7,500
The RICLA performs a valuable function in supplementing the advertising funds of Island organizations and assisting such organizations in obtaining grants. The committee members wish to further this objective. The committee is concerned, however, about the effectiveness of these efforts to date. The recommended allocation is for the advertising matching and grant-writing programs only.


Amount requested:    $20,000 Recommended allocation    $20,000
The RISA request is for a different purpose than were previous requests. The current request is to fund a popular activities program for Island seniors. The committee members view the request as a modest one compared to the benefit of the program. The recommendation is to allocate the full amount that the applicante requested.


Amount requested:    $9,105 Recommended allocation    $9,000
The request from RIDA, while modest, may produce the highest benefit-cost comparison of all the programs that the committee considered. The current request goes for the operation of the van that was funded by a past PPF grant and thus leverages that allocation in a beneficial and meaningful way.

R&R Concerts

Amount requested:    $9,600 Recommended allocation    $9,000
This applicant has shown the initiative to incorporate as a 501(c)(3) organization, which status will help it raise outside funding in the future. That initiative, combined with the history of the applicant's programs on the Island are likely to enable the applicant to expand it's program here.


Amount requested:    $20,000 Recommended allocation    $9,500
The committee recognizes this applicant's achievements in acquiring and renovating the kiosk that is it's main venue of operation. The portion of the request for an intern archivist is also promotes a worthy goal. The committee members believe, however, that the direct benefit to Island residents is lower than that of other applicants. The amount that the committee recommends reflects that belief.

More information on Roosevelt Island Public Purpose Funds from RIOC here and RIRA Guidelines and Criteria here.