Tuesday, December 10, 2013

BREAKING NEWS - RIOC Agrees To Terms With Cornell NYC Tech For Roosevelt Island Campus Subject To Board Of Directors Approval At December 12 Meeting

Image of Goldwater Hospital/Future Cornell NYC Tech Campus From Google Maps

Reported earlier today:
The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Real Estate Advisory Committee is meeting for the second time in less than a week for an update on the negotiations with Cornell for the land controlled by RIOC which is part of the planned Cornell NYC Tech campus....
... All reports are that the RIOC Directors and staff are battling hard to protect the interests of Roosevelt Island in these negotiations with Cornell...

It looks like an agreement has been reached between Cornell and RIOC subject to approval of the RIOC Board at the December 12 Directors Meeting.

Just received this Amended Agenda for Thursday's RIOC Board Of Directors Meeting which includes this addition:
... 7. Authorization to Enter into an Amendment of the Master Lease with the City of New York and to Take Related Actions in Connection with the Cornell Tech Campus Development, Including Making Environmental Findings and Entering Into a Development Agreement and Other Related Agreements (Board Action Required)...
Seeking official confirmation from RIOC and will update when more information becomes available.

Here is the full RIOC Agenda for December 12 Board of Directors Meeting.





5:30 P.M.[1]

I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call

III. Approval of Minutes

1. November 7, 2013 Board Meeting (Board Action Required)

IV. Old Business

V. New Business

1. Approval of the Proposed RIOC Budget for Fiscal Year 2014-15 (Board Action Required)

2. 2014 Meetings of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation Board of Directors (Board Action Required)

3. Ratification of Amendment of Contract with Hill International, Inc. for Owner's Representative Services (Senior Project Manager) (Board Action Required)

4. Authorization to Enter into Amendment of Contract with Guidepost Solutions, LLC for Public Safety Department Management Services (Board Action Required)

5. Ratification of Waiver of Notice Period, Consent to Riverwalk Place LLC and Riverwalk Landing LLC Leasehold Interests Refinancing, and Related Actions Taken (Board Action Required)

6. Authorization to Enter into Contract for Purchase of a Conventional Dump Truck (Board Action Required)

7. Authorization to Enter into an Amendment of the Master Lease with the City of New York and to Take Related Actions in Connection with the Cornell Tech Campus Development, Including Making Environmental Findings and Entering Into a Development Agreement and Other Related Agreements (Board Action Required)

8. President’s Report

9. Committee Reports

a. Audit Committee

b. Governance Committee

c. Operations Advisory Committee

d. Real Estate Development Advisory Committee

10. Public Safety Report

VI. Adjournment

[1] The RIOC Board Meeting will commence following a public comment period. The public comment period is not part of the meeting.


PeaceandPlenty said...

I personally don't care for Starbucks, but know lots of people who go out of their way to stop there. Similarly, I know people in Southtown who trek all the way up to the wholesome market next to the library for a cappuccino or pizza, despite a pizza place right in Southtown. In fact, despite my nice home machine and tight budget, I've bought there too -- tempted by great coffee and $2.25 for a cappuccino. All things being similar, people will go for convenience, but for something really good people will go out of their way. Wholesome market now gets all my pizza orders too because their pizza is great. They're prying money out of my hands I don't want to spend but I can't resist. As for their groceries, way too expensive, so I trek to Manhattan for the same items.

OldRossie said...

What on earth are you babbling about?

CheshireKitty said...

A place selling porridges of the world on a rotating basis wouldn't be competing with either the Starbucks or Riverwalk, or the delis. The custom tea I just imagined - probably there is such a machine available. It sounds gimmicky but it would be unique and each cup of tea would be unique as the customer could specify the blend.

CheshireKitty said...

The pizza is great at Wholesome Market, but for a truly fantastic slice, as outlandish as it may sound, you have to try Costco - which also beats island pizza providers on price, since all slices at Costco are the same low price - $1.99, i.e. no premium pricing for pepperoni or combo (the works) slices. Somehow, Costco has hit upon a fantastic recipe - the pizza is baked right there on the premises, so this is not reheated factory-made frozen pizza.

Mark Lyon said...

If you're making a tour of nearby pizza, the Grandma's Slice over at Nonno's also deserves a mention. It's excellent.

CheshireKitty said...

Thanks, I'll try it next time. Would you happen to know if Nonno's is open late, i.e. after 10PM?

YetAnotherRIer said...

Ugh. Costco pizza? Pie is too thick and the toping are extremely greasy. I always get my pizza fix as delivery from Vidali's (http://vidalispizzany.com/) It is cheaper, a lot tastier, and you can order through Seamless or Grubhub.

CheshireKitty said...

I know, I felt the same way; that's why I've never had any chain store pizza or frozen pizza and I wouldn't consider Costco either, until now.

To repeat: That's how it was for years - I would never touch Costco's pizza, just as I would never touch Dominos.

However, I recently came across some blogs extolling Costco pizza and figured eh, I'll give it a try - if it's bad, I can always throw it out and have some of their frozen yogurt, which is probably the best frozen yogurt deal in town.

The verdict? Although as you say, Costco does have a thick-ish crust, the crust is surprisingly chewy and satisfying - not rubbery, and the cheese pizza itself was if anything too cheesy - if that is possible. For any cheese lover, this is truly mozzarella nirvana.

This was not an extra cheese slice, it was the regular cheese slice. The sauce was, to me at least, excellent. I mean, this isn't John's of Bleecker of St, or any of the other "fine" pizzas that are out there, I know that. But, I think those bloggers were right: Somehow, Costco has hit on an excellent recipe. It really is a good slice.

Of course, for those watching calories/cholesterol, then it's "heart-attack" special: A cheese slice at Costco clocks in at 720 calories. With that much mozzarella cheese, forget about the grams of cholesterol - it must be off the charts. But those watching their cholesterol shouldn't be eating pizza in the first place (or at least not too often). The cheese slices at Costco are the most highly caloric of the 3 kinds of slices they offer, even beating out the pepperoni pizza - undoubtedly because the cheese is laid on so thick. All Costco slices also are extra-large. The pizza may be twice as "hefty" as a regular pizza slice - which explains the astounding calorie count per slice.

KTG said...

Sac's in Astoria is the best option delivery minimum is high though ($30 sometimes even $40 if they are busy locally)

Mark Lyon said...

Sac's Place is the only pizza joint I've ever ordered from that sent the wrong pizza. Ended up with a white pizza with onions and bacon. It was, hands down, the most delicious mistake ever.

Mark Lyon said...

I believe they close at 10.

KTG said...

The white pizza is extremely good, we usually get one medium mama's and one medium white to hit $30

CheshireKitty said...

Ordering a pie at Costco's is actually only $9.95 - at 10 slices to a pie that's less than $1 a slice. Nobody can beat that price.

CheshireKitty said...

Thanks, noted. (The Organic market is open until around midnight - handy for those who keep late hours.)

CheshireKitty said...

That does look good. Why isn't bacon pizza more widely available?

Bill Blass said...

Mark you are from down south of course you do not know what good pizza is. Also hipsters also dont know good pizza.

Bill Blass said...

The people living in south town and octagon are hicks from the mid west .they think that pizza hut is the best pizza in the world

CheshireKitty said...

Bill: Do we really need this? Is this constructive? Why not be accepting of people? Except for First Nations peoples, we, or our ancestors, all arrived from elsewhere at some point - why keep reminding us of something everyone knows: There are so many in NYC that are from elsewhere, either due to internal or international migration. That's what makes NYC so special - its diversity.

I know what you are talking about: It seems the regular New Yorkers get pushed aside, but that's not entirely true either. There are still plenty hanging in. There is a huge amount of turnover in NY - every year many leave and others arrive. It's just the way things are.

The resentment you feel also happens elsewhere: You would be amazed to find how many ex-New Yorkers live in Hawaii. And of course, Hawaiians born in Hawaii also often harbor resentment toward newcomers/those from the mainland.. But it's pointless, in the end, isn't it Bill? There's mobility and people decide to live in different cities.. what of it?

CheshireKitty said...

Bill: How can you say that? I'm sure there are some good pizzas in New Orleans for example - probably in Florida too. Also, there are many Southern specialties we wish we had here, such as quality bbq.

You are the one that starts sounding provincial and intolerant when you pick on others.

Also, it's absurd to pick on the newcomers (or non-native New Yorkers) since they comprise probably the majority of the population.

Bill Blass said...

Kitty do you know what the biggest lie Is .it is that new York is a melting pot. New York is not a melting pot.dont you agree