Thursday, July 24, 2014

NYPD Canine Unit Training On Roosevelt Island Agility Course With Officer Rothschild And German Shepherd Partner Danz Profiled By New Yorker Video

As previously reported, the NYPD Canine Unit trains using an Agility Course located on Roosevelt Island

Image Of NYPD Roosevelt Island Canine Unit Agility Course From Above

in the shadow of the Queensboro Bridge

Image Of NYPD Roosevelt Island Canine Agility Course From The Ground

The New Yorker Video provides an excellent up close and personal view of the NYPD Canine Unit training on Roosevelt Island
Officer Wayne Rothschild talks about his bond with his partner—a German shepherd named Danz—and instructs Danz to leap over hurdles and climb obstacles in one of the N.Y.P.D.'s canine-training courses, on Roosevelt Island.

In September 2012, former Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) President Leslie Torres reported:
... The RIOC Board of Directors has also approved a three-year extension to a permit agreement we entered into a year ago with the New York City Police Department Transit Bureau K-9 Unit for the location of a police K-9 agility course on Roosevelt Island. The agility course is used by the K-9 Unit to train police dogs for special operations, investigations, and search and recovery exercise. We’re always happy to help the NYPD, with whom we have a great working relationship. The Department, for example, uses our Tram periodically during off-peak hours for routine training sessions to test their equipment....
The Daily shows the NYPD Canine Unit training

on the Roosevelt Island Tram.


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The chiropractor is gone for good it seems. The office is empty and a sign says that it is closed.

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CheshireKitty said...

The chiropractor space is another potential store front H-R could make available to the thrift shop - along with the former Julie's Bar space.

Kramer doesn't realize that thrift shops are cool - they dot the Village and Wiliamsburg, two of the hottest areas of NYC. If Kramer wants Main St to have a semblance of coolness, he should make it possible for the thrift shop to continue. And our thrift shop is not only cool, shopping there helps the poor - how much cooler can you get?

This is the sort of win-win-win deal Kramer should be ensuring continues: With our Main St thrift shop, the rather transient (many UN personnel, the rotating medical staff at ST) population has a place to give away un-needed belongings; the belongings, instead of being thrown out & swelling the garbage stream, are recycled in a socially acceptable and positive manner - sold at a cheap price to the needy & often even middle class, and very often to the hip of whatever income level; the proceeds from selling the goods that would otherwise be thrown out are then used to help the poor! This is a *purely* virtuous cycle - everyone is helped out, everyone benefits, everyone feels good about helping out their neighbor!

Kramer needs to get on the side of history - it doesn't favor the rich. When all else fails, all we will have is community. What does money count for if it's just used for self-aggrandizement and greedy purposes? Money can't buy community spirit. The blessing of helping the poor is multiplied a thousand times - but the sin of ignoring the poor results in the living doom of an infinitely guilty conscience.