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Monday, September 22, 2014

Roosevelt Island Rivercross Coop Board Of Directors Decide To Cut Down Tall Courtyard Trees Claiming Trees Are Safety Hazard And Block East River Apartment Views Lowering Sale Values - Some Residents Object Calling It Arborcide

Image Of A Rivercross Courtyard Tree To Be Removed

The Roosevelt Island Rivercross Coop Board Of Directors informed shareholder residents of the building that 4 very tall courtyard trees (almost 9 stories high)

planted before the building was constructed over 38 years ago will soon be removed. According to a September 19 memo from the Board of Directors the trees are a safety danger

and block the views of some apartments

negatively impacting their value. The memo also states that the trees will be replaced by 5 cherry trees and accompanying shrubbery.

Here's the Rivercross Board Of Directors Memo on removing the 4 courtyard trees.

I am told that some residents are extremely upset by the Rivercross Board Of Directors decision to remove these trees describing it as "arborcide".

UPDATE - 9/25 - Rivercross residents and the Board of Directors are holding discussions regarding the fate of the trees. Stay tuned.

Also, compare Rivercross and Riverwalk million dollar apartments for sale.


mushr00m said...

Because Rivercross residents are not prone to hyperbole with regards to actions taken by the Board, no, not at all.

mogensjp said...

I attended the meeting with the board of Rivercross Tenants' Corp. It was very well attended and heard many opinions.
The meeting vented numerous opinions and I hope that the
board will arrange another meeting after the agreed further steps have been done.