Thursday, July 29, 2021

Cool East River Breezes And Friday Night Jazz At The New Roosevelt Island Cafe And Event Space, The Sanctuary Tomorrow July 30 - Grab A Drink, Bite To Eat And Bring Your Friends To A Night Of Outdoor Roosevelt Island Jazz

Roosevelt Island resident and jazz musician Susheel Kurien has organized live Sunday afternoon Jazz Jams at Gallery RIVAA over the past several years and last month celebrated the return of live Jazz to Gallery RIVAA following more than a year long lapse due to the Covid pandemic.

This Friday evening, July 30, Mr Kurien is bringing live Jazz music outdoors to the cool breezes of the East River waterfront at the new Roosevelt Island Cafe and Event space, The Sanctuary.

According to Mr Kuriel:

Please come out and support some familiar faces from the RIVAA Jam sessions, Bring friends! 

Your support helps keep our jam sessions a destination for some very talented musicians. 

Please share this and encourage friends to stop by and grab a drink at this great venue. Awesome location for jazz! 

Friday Night Jazz at the Sanctuary, Roosevelt Island 

Friday 30th July 7pm to 10 pm 

Music and vocals ! 

Please do share with your friends and associates Peace and jazz.

Susheel Kurien Jazz Guitarist in Perpetual Learning (Flyer below by Roosevelt Island artist Tony Vita).

 Here's a snippet from the June 27 Jazz Jam at Gallery RIVAA.

The musicians were:
  • Susheel Kurien Guitar 
  • Steven Golub tenor, 
  •  Erik Swimmer Tenor. 
  • Nobu Yamasaki bass, 
  • Nicole keys, 
  • Christine Reisner vocal and violin, 
  • Ron Kushner keys, 
  • Kaz Oguro alto, 
  • Dan Yalisove clarinet
See you tomorrow for Roosevelt Island Friday Night Jazz at The Sanctuary