Monday, July 26, 2021

When Will Graduate Hotel Panorama Room Rooftop Bar Open Asks Roosevelt Island Residents - Not In July, Sometime In August Due To Covid Production Delays And Staffing Issues Says Rep

The Roosevelt Island Graduate Hotel located on Cornell Tech campus opened June 2 and it's Anything At All ground floor restaurant opened a few weeks later on June 22, to  very good reviews.

"When will the Graduate Hotel rooftop bar open" is a question regularly asked by Roosevelt Island residents who have been looking forward to the planned July opening of the Panorama Room.

I asked the Panorama Room:

I’m told the Panorama rooftop bar opening has been delayed past July. Is that true? What is the new planned opening date? I heard late August? What is reason for the delay? 

A Panorama Room representative answered:

You are correct - unfortunately the opening will not be in July. The delays are pretty run of the mill - finalizing the space, menus, etc. We are looking at August, though we don’t have a firm date at this point. 

We’ll be sure to keep you posted on updates as they happen.

During the July 15 Community Board 8 Roosevelt Island Committee meeting, Graduate Hotel representative Cristina Dalal said:

Screenshot from CB8 RI Committee You Tube Video

 ... Anything At All opened the last week of June and it's open for breakfast lunch and dinner. They serve new American cuisine. We do hope to add outdoor dining. 

With everything going on with Covid, things just don't arrive in the time you would like them too. We're still waiting on some of the furniture but hopefully we'll have that up and running sometime soon.

We will also have our fantastic Panorama Room. Both the Panorama Room and Anything At All are managed by Call Mom who are Med Abrous and Marc Rose. They're New York City natives. Both were living in L.A.  Med actually moved back to help with the opening and so they're running our food and beverage outlets as well as our event space

The Panorama Room is the only part of the hotel that is not yet open. Like with the restaurant furniture downstairs there's still some parts that we're waiting on that have been delayed due to just production delays and also we've had a little issue with staffing as everyone's probably seen in the news.

It's not easy to hire people as you would like so we do aim to open this summer. We still honestly are just waiting for a few more pieces to the puzzle till we can have a firm opening date but once we open it's going to be a great resource to the Island.

We will be open most days likely starting at 3 p.m in the afternoon. Hopefully at one point also adding brunch on the weekend so really more to come on the Panorama Room....

Here's the full Graduate Hotel Presentation by Ms Dalal to the Community Board 8 Roosevelt Island Committee.

As previously reported, The Graduate Hotel Panorama Room has been open for some private parties including on July 4.