Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Roosevelt Island Residents Got Scoop On New iDig2Learn Bellies, Bins & Beauty Initiative Last Sunday Under Tulip Poplar Tree At Cornell Tech Campus And Ice Cream Too With Edible Compostable Spoon - Think About The True Cost Of A Banana And Other Foods

iDig2Learn hosted a Bellies, Bins & Beauty initiative

for Roosevelt Island residents last Sunday at the Cornell Tech campus.

Anthony Longo gave a brief description of the Bellies, Bins & Beauty initiative:

iDig2Learn founder Christina Delfico reports:

Thanks to the more than fifty neighbors who came out to get a scoop, and the scoop on iDig2Learn's new initiative Bellies, Bins & Beauty yesterday.  The deliciousness was generously funded by a Citizens Committee for NYC grant to iDig2Learn.  It was a perfect launch day on Cornell Tech's Roosevelt Island campus under the Tulip Poplar trees and it was fun to try out the IncrEdible edible compostable spoons too.  The initiative is called Bellies, Bins and Beauty to better focus on food into Bellies first, then food scraps into Bins for processing into compost, then Beauty inside and out that comes from within by eating healthy compost-grown food and beautifying our neighborhood with community plantings of flowers and trees while keeping the island clean and beautiful.

Thanks for sharing your ideas to more deeply value food and also for adding your skills to the Bellies, Bins & Beauty idea board.  Throughout the upcoming year we plan to team up with many island partners to eat & grow food together, exchange seeds, plant more trees, water, weed, plog and make it easy to add food scraps each Saturday from 9am to 2pm to the bins for composting.  We look forward to joining the Graduate Hotel's farm fresh kitchen team for a fall workshop spotlighting meal prep with seasonally available food and learning tips to cook more of the food we buy - think stems and leaf tops. 

A special thanks to: 
  • The Cafe team Ian and Chris for allowing us to gobble up your ice cream and sorbet supply and for creating the voucher exchange and table setup. 
  • Anthony Longo & family for talking to us about the benefits of returning what comes from the earth back to the earth and deeply valuing food scraps for compost.
    And taking photos too. 
  • And to the volunteers Deolinda, Therese, Jane and Levka for meeting and greeting and ensuring everyone had a great time. I deeply appreciated your help.
  • And to Citizens Committee for NYC for believing in Roosevelt Island.

Thursday, SEPT., 9th from 7PM - 8PM at the Good Shepherd Chapel (inside) 
Special Guest, Book Author Jennie Romer, presents her new book entitled, Can I Recycle This?
Plus partners from the Manhattan Solid Waste Advisory Board (SWAB) share the latest wins and resources to reducing waste in NYC and Roosevelt Island's NYP Library will be there too. 
Please RSVP to iDig2Learn@gmail.com with the word RECYCLE in the subject line to join us.

Monday, SEPT., 13th from 3PM to 4PM at the Secret Not-So-Secret Garden above the Blackwell House North sandbox playground. NYPL's RI Library branch's Ms. Jen reads to young readers for a nature-themed STORYTIME with iDig2Learn.  Rain location in the library.

Saturday, SEPT 18th from 11am to 1pm FIELD GUIDE "Seeing Fall" at Socrates Sculpture Park. Park Pre-Registration Required - All Ages Welcome - Free!  Join Socrates Director of Education Douglas Paulson & Christina Delfico of iDig2Learn for a workshop that weaves art-making and plant identification together!  We will explore the Park, learn about what's growing around us, and drawing and seeing techniques.  No prior experience with drawing or plant identification is necessary.

Look forward to seeing you soon,
Ms Delfico adds some of the ideas submitted by attendees:
  • Plant more trees
  • Create public gardens in all the open spaces on Roosevelt Island especially veggies
  • Learn how to grow herbs and vegetables at home
  • Use stems, leaves, tops for broth
  • Learn how to cook more of the food we buy to reduce food waste
  • Use avocados for hair masks
  • Bring food scraps to the bins every Saturday 9 AM to 2 PM
  • Create floral crowns for your head
  • Take care of plants with water and harvest veggies and fruit to keep the plants pretty.
Here's more about iDig2Learn Bellies, Bins & Beauty from last Sunday at Cornell Tech.