Sunday, January 16, 2022

Kitchen Fire This Evening At Roosevelt Island 560 Main Street- Large Response By FDNY Firefighters Puts It Out

A tipster reports FDNY responding to a fire at Roosevelt Landings this evening:

Lots of Firefighters on Main Street

Images From Julia Chang

All traffic on Main Street was stopped. 

Citizen App reported a kitchen fire at 560 Main Street.

Building residents reported on Roosevelt Island Instagram post:

  • Fire at 576/560 main st, 4th floor. Looks like it has been contained.
  • No one hurt! Firemen are gone don’t know where he tenants were taken, but thank God not as bad as fire 22 years ago!
  • There was a kitchen fire. It was contained quickly.  

Apartment Fire @CitizenApp

560 Main St 7:16:28 PM EST

UPDATE 10:20 PM - More info from Roosevelt Islander Instagram comments:

  • There was heavy smoke throughout the halls as well as seeping into apartments. Glad everyone is safe! 
  • It was a stove fire in 560 on the 4th floor. We live next door to the apartment that caught fire and everything is ok here - just some water leaking into our apartment but nothing damaged. The building staff has done a great job cleaning it up and repairing our front door that’s the firefighters had to break to get in to make sure our apartment was ok.
UPDATE 1/17: