Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Walker Of Unleashed Roosevelt Island Dog Admonished By Public Safety Department - When Will Ticketing Begin?

No Dogs Allowed On Firemen's Field In Southtown

The ongoing problem of irresponsible Roosevelt Island dog owners/walkers allowing their pet dogs to roam unleashed

Unleashed Roosevelt Island Dog (not involved in this incident)
and crap

Curb Your Dog On Riverwalk Commons

on the grass or elsewhere without picking up after them

Poop Bag Dispenser at Riverwalk Commons

continues to the annoyance of many.

As noted by Roosevelt Island Operating Corp.(RIOC) President Steve Shane (Item 6):
Complaints about dog walkers not properly cleaning up after their pets have been made. There will be increased enforcement of the leash laws, including the obvious clean up responsibility to everyone’s neighbors.
and Public Safety Director Keith Guerra:
Dogs are also not permitted to run loose in non-designated areas.
It looks like the Public Safety Department is starting to enforce the prohibition against dogs running unleashed outside of the Dog Runs on Roosevelt Island. According to the 5/23 -23 Public Safety Report:
Unleashed Dog- In a soccer field. PSD responded and warned and admonished the dog walker who left with the dog.
Mr. Guerra has indicated that the Public Safety Department will respond to complaints about unleashed and uncurbed dogs. Unfortunately, by the time someone makes a complaint and Public Safety shows up, the dog and it's owner are often far away. But not in this reported case.

It has been suggested that just as parking tickets are issued for cars illegally parked on Roosevelt Island, tickets should also be issued for dogs running unleashed and uncurbed, not mere warnings to be ignored as soon as the Public Safety Officer leaves the area. Another resident suggested that plain clothes Public Safety Officers walk around the areas of Roosevelt Island where dogs are known to run unleashed such as in Southtown and ticket those owners and walkers allowing their dogs to run unleashed or not curbed. A few tickets issued with dollars coming out of their pockets might deter irresponsible dog owners from continuing to fail to clean up after their dogs and permitting them to run unleashed.

The problem is not with dogs but with their owners/walkers.

UPDATE 12:pm - From the 5/25 - 26 Public Safety Department Report:
Unleashed Dog- PSD summonses a male for unleashed dog rear of Gold Water Hospital.


Unknown said...

Like I've said before... a lot of this reads as hysterical to me as the "oh noes! wealthier people are invading Roosevelt Island!" despair. I should be glad that we don't have more serious things to worry about here.

Maybe it's just because I myself have witnessed such an insignificant amount of irresponsibility. Perhaps I only walk in different areas that aren't problematic. In any case, I do support fining those who don't pick up after their dogs. Hell, I'd even support using cameras to identify the perpetrators.

As to the leash laws (which, yes, I also obey)... can someone tell me the point? If there's a big, empty field, why can't a dog run on it? Who does it hurt? Squirrels and geese roam around; should we shoot them on sight? After all, NOBODY picks up their crap, ever. They urinate on the grass, do they not?

My suggestion is still to increase the size of the dog run if there's an affordable way to do it. There seems to be plenty of free space where the Southtown run is located.


Jason, The leash laws on Roosevelt island are consistent with those of the City and State. Nothing different than at other NYC parks.

Anonymous said...

I was the dog owner who was warned & adminished. Just to set the record straight, my dog was on a leash but was able to free herself and scamper away from me. I was chasing her down when PSD arrived. They saw that her running around was not intentional.


Thanks for the clarification of what happened.

Unknown said...

Sure, I'm not saying that the laws aren't applicable nor am I saying that they shouldn't be enforced.

I'm simply expressing disappointment that their existence prevents us from enjoying the particular nice, open spaces of Southtown in a manner which causes no significant damage to people/property.

Winston Smith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Winston Smith said...

These "insignificant amount[s] of irresponsibility" add up to a lot of poop. Maybe other people want to use that grass.

Anonymous said...

I respect Jason Murad's crusade; but he and others in the Riverwalk development should have known, be-fore moving in,that the developer did not guarantee dogpounds,park-ing facilities or children's play-grounds (having more development in mind). The Southtown residents should lean on the developer not on RIOC/RIRA.

Anonymous said...

some of the worst offenders are in 465 and 475 Main.
I saw them many times let their dogs poop and pee all over the flowers on the circular driveway and on the trees in the greenspace next to their own doorway. cornell university fellows, doctors, etc. they say that they dont know it will kill the trees...pretty amazing that they can be a research scientist but not know that peeing on the same tree all the time will kill the trees.. that is why some of those trees are all brown. the same few people do it all the time to the detriment of other dog owners. Hey cornell, how about replacing all the big dead tree that they killed near the entrance?????

Anonymous said...

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