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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spiderman Movie Magic - Roosevelt Island Tram Station Goes Poof Courtesy of Green Goblin

Image of Spiderman on the Roosevelt Island Tram from Roosevelt Island 360

Watch how the Roosevelt Island Tram Station, miniaturized and reduced to 1/8th scale of its size, was blown up for the Spiderman movie.

You Tube video of Roosevelt Island Tram Station Spiderman Explosion
According to GMDFX:
SPIDERMAN 1 Miniature shoot in 2001, 1/8th scale model of Roosevelt Island tram station in New York.
Scene: chase sequence between the Green goblin and Spiderman
Event: Green Goblin launches a missile from his rocket sled, Spiderman evades, missile hits tram station
Resulting in a HUGE Explosion courtesy of Richard Helmer.


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