Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Roosevelt Island Retail Update - New Ownership Coming For Nonno's Focacceria Says Main Street Retail Master Leaseholder Hudson Related

There will soon be a new owner of the Roosevelt Island Nonno's Focacceria.

I asked Hudson Related Main Street Retail Leaseholder representative Arriana Sacks Rosenberg:
I am told that Nonno's Focacceria is changing ownership. Alphonse is selling to one of the employees. The change in ownership is pending Hudson Related's approval and a lease extension.

Is that true?
Ms Rosenberg replied today:
Yes, Nonno’s is changing ownership, not to one of his employees. The ownership and assignment has been approved and we are finishing up the documents.
I followed up:
Is the new owner of Nonno's an experienced pizza store owner with NYC stores?

I was told the new owner has a store in Philadelphia but not NYC.

Can you tell us anything about the new owner?
Ms Rosenberg said:
They don’t own any stores in New York right now, but the new owner and his partner have experience in this market in New York.
Nonno's first opened on Roosevelt Island January 2, 2008. As reported at the time:
Image Of Nonno's Focacceria Grand Opening

I never in my life thought I would write these words but here goes.

I tried to get into a Roosevelt Island restaurant this afternoon for lunch but it was too crowded. Every seat was occupied and there was a long line at the counter for the opening of the much anticipated and long awaited Nonno's Focacceria at 455 Main Street (212-753-2300 or 2307).

I look forward to going back later today.

A great big WELCOME to Roosevelt Island for Nonno's!!
Regarding the Card & Gift Shop, Ms. Rosenberg noted:
As I mentioned in the meeting at RIOC, we are working on a deal with Island Newsstand for a new lease. Nothing has been finalized yet.
and whether M&D Deli has changed ownership, she added:
It has not changed yet, but we are working with the owners on this. With any assignment, there will be a major renovation of the store.
More information on Roosevelt Island retail from Ms. Rosenberg available at this previous post from the January 29 Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Real Estate Advisory Committee meeting.