Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dogs No Longer Allowed On Roosevelt Island's Rivercross Lawn, Will Banning Be Obeyed By Dog Owners/Walkers, and Enforced - Is Riverwalk Commons Dog Ban Next?

I was walking past Roosevelt Island's Rivercross Building last Sunday afternoon and noticed this gentleman walking his dog on the Rivercross lawn.

Image of Rivercross Lawn Dog Ban Being Violated

Apparently, he did not see, or chose to ignore, the new sign posted on the Rivercross Lawn

banning dogs from the lawn.
No Dogs Or Pets Allowed On Grass Or Field Areas

The issue of Dogs on Roosevelt Island was raised during the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) May 2 Public Safety Committee Meeting:
Member brought resident complaints about the amount of dog feces that is not being picked up by walkers, as well as individuals who are walking dogs off the lease {leash}. One member mentioned the possibility of a dog run area specifically for smaller dogs that is in discussion. Public awareness signs suggested, as well as ticket enforcement.
A dog run specifically for smaller dogs was recently added to the Southtown Dog Run pictured below.

Image of Southtown Dog Runs For Large and Small Dogs

Image of Southtown Small Dog Run

Let's see if the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department starts enforcing with tickets when people bring dogs to areas that they are not permitted use.

Now that the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) has banned dogs from the Rivercross Lawn, will RIOC also ban dogs from the Riverwalk Commons between 425 and 455 Main Street as well?

Image of Riverwalk Commons From Above

This previous post reported that dogs were banned from the Riverwalk Lawns between 405, 415 and 425 Main Street last year by the building's management, Related Management:
Re: Dogs on Lawns between 405, 415 and 425 Main Street

Effectively immediately, dogs are no longer permitted on the lawn between 405 and 415 Main Street or the lawn between 415 and 425 Main Street.
This decision was made for the safety of our residents and appearance of our landscaping.

Staff from both buildings will be monitoring this space to ensure that residents are adhering to this newly established policy.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.
Is there any reason why dogs should be allowed on RIOC controlled Riverwalk Commons when they are banned from RIOC controlled Rivercross Lawn and Related Management controlled Riverwalk Building Lawns?

Remember, there was a time when Roosevelt Island was a Place Without Dogs as explained in this video.

UPDATE 6/8 - Received this message from RIOC's VP of Operations Fernando Martinez:
It is our intent to prohibit dogs on the Riverwalk Commons lawn. We are waiting for the signs to arrive.


Anonymous said...

Too many people, too many dogs, not enough space...

SML said...

There were no dogs allowed on Roosevelt Island at the beginning and for many years after. No problem then with dog droppings. Why is it a right to own a dog?

Anonymous said...

i will continue to walk my dog wherever and whenever i please. i will not walk it around any park or "public" area that is enroute to my home or to where I am going. i am a responsible owner and a little dime spat of pee is not any worse than that from squirrels, birds or the rat poison that is scattered about.

the dog runs have no shade and are sometimes very muddy after hard rains.

the island was never dog free only the buildings didnt allow them. i have been walking a dog here for over 20 years and have been a resident only for the past five years.

dog poo happens, either by bad pet owners that never pick up, or good owners that either forget their scoopers once in a while or cant find the poop in the dark. poo generally disappears naturally in a few days.

can we do something about the litter on the ball fields and parks left behind by the kids, parents need to take responsibility.

the plastic bottles and bags will be around for a very long time and it is polluting our water systems and killing our natural wildlife far from roosevelt island. RIOC doess a fairly good job of cleaning the next day but then it is too late.

"Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man."

Anonymous said...

Dog owners leave that kind of trash around as well. The thing is that it doesn't matter if you are a responsible dog owner. If you want to change the laws go ahead and vote for the right people, or better yet, get involved. Until then you have no choice but obey whatever the majority rules. Most people on RI are indifferent or against dogs. You do not have the right to own a dog. You want one, you are free to have one but you must obey the rules.

Anonymous said...

The rules are: dogs are allowed on Roosevelt Island and on any public parcel and this is the way it always has been since the begining. Yes, we have the right to own a dog. Yes, pet owners must obey the NYC leash and pooper scooper rules.

however, If I should decide to walk my dog to gristedes, the drug store, post office, the subway and have to pass through the now designated dog free zones - I will do so as it is my right. I will also continue to sit in the park and enjoy a book with my dog by my side or have a slice of pizza with my best friend tied up outside as it is my right.

Do not inconvenience me by redesignating areas that I may or may not enjoy.

Please also stop with all this hatred banter it really sets a bad tone for the people that live here. Dogs are here, cars are here, new people are here southtown is here, octagon is here - change is here.

Anonymous said...

We have a right to own a dog and we also have a right to have a dog here on RI. We have also been promised that we, new comers, dog owners etal are welcome here and this was in our invitation to live here.

In NYC dogs are allowed in public areas on a leash and must be cleaned up after. There are obviously some bad pet owners that dont abide by the rules
but I agree with the poster above that we have a right to walk our dogs respectfully and not be inconvenienced by these new restrictions. I will also continue walking in these areas.

Anonymous said...

If you had the right to own a dog landlords would not be allowed to ban dogs from the premises and governments would not be allowed to ban dogs from certain places. But they all do and that means you do not have the RIGHT but you have the PRIVILEGE to own a dog.

It is perfectly fine to ban dogs from certain parks (like playgrounds) and from meadows. That's just the way it is. Why the outrage?

Anonymous said...

whatever the issue is, my pinion is that the signage is terrible - its too much.

Anonymous said...

I say ban dog-haters, not dogs. Dogs are one thing that make this city amazing. Spending time in the park and watching owners with their dog is a beautiful thing. I go to central park all the time just to see all the dogs play. It's as close to pure love and happiness that you'll ever find. A park without dogs is not a good park as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

Let me enlighten some of you to the words Private property. That means that the owner can make any rules they want within their own property with regard to who or what they want on it. Rivercross has decided that they do not want dogs on their lawn to poop where people lay on the grass. This is their choice and has nothing to do with RIOC. That's like saying even though you own a house in NYC anyone can come on your property because it is on NYC land.

Second point, anyone that does not have a problem with dogs peeing or pooping on the grass, please leave me your name and apt. number. I will be happy to deliver dog poop to your house and leave it on YOUR bed to lay in!!!

Anonymous said...

You just made my point. A landlord can prohibit you from having a dog with you in the apartment because you do not have the constitutional right to own a dog. It is a privilege. Compare that to, say, having children. No landlord is legally allowed to discriminate against families with children. You have the RIGHT to have children.

That said, I think it is an asshole behavior to break regulations like "No dogs allowed on grass" just because you don't like it. Talk to your representatives if you have a problem and try to get your dogs more rights instead.

Better yet, why not looking for a neighborhood that is a lot more dog friendly?

Anonymous said...

River Cross Lawn is Public and I pass it everyday to the subway where I travel w/my dog. There is no way for me to avoid it and he will pee and poop there. I do walk with a leash and I do clean up. If there is ever a day, and it has happened, that I forget my poop bag I can easily use some loose trash that is scattered about thereby doing double service; cleaning up after my pet and after some human schlub that littered.

PS the island is very "Dog Friendly" except for the few dog hatters that I find here on this blog. Maybe these hatters should find some other isolated island without love and compassion.

Anonymous said...

Some earlier blogger stated that having kids is a right, this is true, but there are laws to follow or these children can be taken away from you.

There are laws specifically created to protect children in residences so that they may NOT be excluded. Unfortunately there is no law to protect pets in private dwellings.

People have the right to own Property. Pets are considered Property. Having a Pet on RI is not a privilege but is in fact a Right. There are also laws to follow or owners can be fined or pets taken away as well.

RI public land, within NYC, allows dogs and always has, just not on private property.

No, or very few, early residents of RI had a dog, because they could not have one in their residence, thus creating an assumption that dogs have never been allowed here on the public island and this is not true.

Anonymous said...

Don't expect Public Safety to issue summons for letting a dog enter a lawn or field. Fernando Martinez will declare the lawn private property because it's owned by someone...the city and then leased to the state...and then say they aren't allowed to issue tickets on private property.

totallyonfire said...

Tell the NYPD Police Officer about the dog poop, im so sure he will enforce everything on this island and save the day, everyday. Even on his days off. One second you guys support PSD and the next you put them down.

The all mighty superhero NYPD officer who doesnt step out of his car will save the day.

What a joke this island became.

Not a day goes by without such drame about nothing.


pissed resident

Anonymous said...

Regrettably the various building
owners would probably allow elefants in their apartments if it would result in more tenants;and
we have clearly seen that PSD summon people when they feel like it (and vice versa).
The point is that it is barbaric and not loving to choose to own an animal and then confine it to an apartment most of the time.The dog owners do what they want to do and only think of themselves. themselves


Received word from RIOC that they will prohibit dogs on Riverwalk Commons Lawn as soon as they get signage.

Let's see if prohibition is obeyed and if not, will it be enforced?

Anonymous said...

poster on June 7, 2011 11:17 AM: - I am positive that it isnt the dog walkers that leave behind the broken water balloons near the sprinklers or the pizza boxes, soda cans and candy wrappers on the lawns.

poster on June 8, 2011 11:39 AM: - you are a mindless and useless piece of dog poop that you would think it "barbaric and not loving to choose to own an animal". And then to call pet owners selfish. Please take your loneliness and self pity and do some research on the true benefits of a relationship for both the human and animal.

This whole conversation is about some owners, maybe not even from this island, that dont respect the laws.

Anonymous said...

Yup. It's about the owners who refuse to obey the new signs.

Anonymous said...

There is something seriously wrong with an island that supports wild cats but bans dogs. The wild cats leave their poo all over the place too...

The solution is to deal with the humans and to have the same regulations as say Central Park.

I too am very sick of being a responsible dog lover who have never not once cleaned up after my dogs - and then being told then can't run with me on a leash in places they love to go.

A FEW people went to RIOC and convinced them this was a good idea. There was not an island vote or for that matter even a RIRA vote.

When you can control your feral cats, squirrels, pigeons, geese and all of the other animals who also use grass and trees to pee and poo... then worry about the dogs.

For now, I am with everyone else - give me a ticket. I would be happy to be on the front page of every newspaper in the city for walking my dog on a leash on NYC property!

Anonymous said...

poster at 6pm: Bravo!!!!

Please dont forget to mention controlling the kids who leave trash and litter the island and all land far from RI.

Parents, Pet owners, business all need to take responsibility.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how these discussions end up in dogs versus children. Do you really want dogs to be treated like human beings? Do you want children to be treated like dogs? Why are those two groups always compared when it comes to restrictions of what you can do with your dog?

I am very sure the RIOC has the legal right to say that dogs and other pets are prohibited on the lawns. That there should be an island vote is kind of ridiculous. Get a group of people together and start making noise instead if you disagree with something. I want you guys to march up and down Main Street and demonstrate. I want you to write a letter to your congress men and women. If you want slaws to be changed work on it. Stop being passive agressive assholes. You remind me of bicyclists who insist that traffic laws do not apply to them and that it is a-okay to run a red light or ride on the sidewalk.

Ana Gudiel said...

does any one know if dogs are allowed in the lighthouse park. ive been searching and cant seem to find an answer. thanks so much for the imput!

Donner12 said...

As long as they're on a leash, they're allowed.

Mark Lyon said...

I don't understand the island's inconsistent approach to dogs.  My MP lease reads:


Why do some of the buildings allow dogs and others not?

RooseveltIslander said...

 I don't think RIOC has any rules regarding dogs being kept in apartments but that it is up to the individual buildings.

Until Octagon and Southtown, my understanding is that all of the buildings, WIRE and Manhattan Park had rules prohibiting dogs.

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