Thursday, December 9, 2021

The Girl Puzzle Monument Honoring Journalist Nelly Bly Designed By Amanda Matthews To Open Friday December 10 At Roosevelt Island Lighthouse Park - Take An Early Peek Right Now

Reported October 16, 2019

... The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) has selected Amanda Matthews/Prometheus Art to construct the Nellie Bly Monument on the northern end of Roosevelt Island at Lighthouse Park. The sculptural installation will be known as “The Girl Puzzle” and invites the viewer to experience many facets of Nellie Bly’s talent, conviction and compassion. The ground-breaking journalist and women’s rights advocate exposed the horrors of the Blackwell Island Insane Asylum in 1887 on Roosevelt Island.

“I am proud of the selection committee’s dedication to choosing such a passionate artist to honor the accomplishments of a woman who was truly ahead of her time,” said Susan Rosenthal, President and CEO of RIOC. “The committee, made up of RIOC employees and community leaders, unanimously selected this bold installation that will not only represent Nellie Bly’s time here, but her impact on the world.”...

Tomorrow, December 10, The Girl Puzzle will open to the public. 

I spoke with The Girl Puzzle artist Amanda Matthews today who invites everyone to come see the Roosevelt Island monument honoring journalist Nelly Bly.

Here's a sneak peek of The Girl Puzzle at Roosevelt Island Lighthouse Park.

According to The Girl Puzzle website: 

Learn much more about Nelly Bly and The Girl Puzzle here. 

According to RIOC

Roosevelt Island!

Join us for the opening of The Girl Puzzle Monument honoring Nellie Bly tomorrow, Friday, December 10th, starting at 12 PM in Lighthouse Park. 

The monument, opening to coincide with Human Rights Day and designed by Amanda Matthews of Prometheus Art, illuminates women who have endured hardship but are stronger for it.

This is a free public event. Please note that there will be limited seating but standing room only space will be available. Kindly wear warm clothing as we expect cold weather.

We look forward to seeing you at this important celebration of women’s empowerment, diversity, and inclusivity.

Here's former RIOC President Susan Rosenthal presenting the initial idea of The Girl Puzzle Nelly Bly memorial to the October 7, 2019 RIOC Board Real Estate committee meeting.

According to Ms Rosenthal:

... This came about as a result of  the discussions we had with Judy Berdy of the Historical Society about the importance  of Nellie Bly as well as a program that our Community Affairs Department did with the New York Public Library...

 Ms Mathews Girl Puzzle presentation to RIOC Board followed Ms Rosenthal.

Welcome The Girl Puzzle Nelly Bly Monument to Roosevelt Island.

UPDATE 12/10 - Some scenes from today's ribbon cutting grand opening ceremony including interview with Ms Mathews.

Here's the full ceremony shared by the folks at The Sanctury Cafe & Events space.



UPDATE 12/11: