Thursday, December 9, 2021

Sponsored Post - Roosevelt Island Based Leonardo Suarez Paz/Piazzolla 100 Celebrate International Tango Day With A Special Evening Of Intimate Chamber Music, Dance Performance And Art Exhibit At Good Shepherd Chapel Transformed Into An Elegant Salon Saturday December 11 - Get Your Tickets Now

Leonardo Suarez Paz and Olga Suarez Paz are Roosevelt Island residents and artists. 

Leonardo is the Artistic Director and Olga the Executive Director of PIAZZOLLA 100.

According to Piazzolla 100:

PIAZZOLLA 100: Nuevo Tango ARTS

An immersive, multidisciplinary art experience & GALA celebration!

One of New York City's historic chapels is transformed into an elegant salon for a special evening of intimate chamber music, dance performance and art exhibit.

December 11th is the International Day of Tango which celebrates the history and nature of a genre born from a mixture of multiple cultures. This Gala celebrates our mission of unity through the arts and is a unique opportunity to connect with artists of Leonardo Suarez Paz's PIAZZOLLA 100, who brought numerous free concerts and classes to Roosevelt Island over the past several years and to connect with community members. 

The evening's program will showcase works in progress by the musicians of PIAZZOLLA 100 and Nuevo Tango Ballet and feature artwork from "Paint the Music" workshop, wines, meet the artists, and more. Featured artists include Leonardo Suarez Paz, guitarist Greg Skaff and members of Nuevo Tango Ballet - Olga Suarez Paz, Francesca Antonacci, Mathilde Guerrero and Brianna Rivera. 

WHEN: DECEMBER 11th, 2021 - 5-7 PM  

WHERE: Historic Chapel of the Good Shepherd, 543 Main Street, New York NY 10044 

TICKETS (single, couples, and family tickets available)

Here's a brief look at a wonderful October 2021 Piazzolla 100 El Nuevo Tango performance at the Roosevelt Island FDR Four Freedoms Park.

Leonardo & Olga Suarez Paz were featured in the Dear New York TV program last September. Watch this video to learn more about the artistic Roosevelt Island couple.