Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Open Doors Artists Want To Make Sure Roosevelt Island Coler Hospital Residents Protected During Coronavirus Pandemic - Mayor de Blasio Adding 340 Beds For Lower Acuity Patients To Free Up Beds In Other Hospitals For Coronavirus Patients

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio reported yesterday:

... I had the opportunity today to be on Roosevelt Island visiting the Coler hospital facility and there – right this minute – new hospital beds are being created right now so that we will have additional capacity to handle this surge in coronavirus cases and to make sure that everyone else who needs hospital care for other diseases and challenges will have support as well. On Roosevelt Island at Coler, 100 new beds will be available this week, 240 will be available next week....
and the City of NY tweets.

As previously reported, the additional Coler beds will be used for lower acuity patients freeing up beds at other hospitals for Coronavirus patients.

What are the concerns of our Roosevelt Island neighbors at Coler Hospital about the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Coler resident members of the Open Doors NYC arts program tell us.

According to Media Lab Director Dexter Cirian
As an artist myself, I find that in times of uncertainty, when fear and anxiety can overwhelm us, art is an incredible refuge and source of generative life-giving support. It affords us an opportunity to discern what really matters, and too look into the unknown with courage, compassion and a sense of curiosity. I see that in our members everyday. Even through these trying times, they are showing up. Let us show up as well.

On Monday, March 16, Mayor Bill de Blasio held a press conference in which he mistakenly stated that Coler Hospital is “empty” and planned to bring hundreds of COVID-19 patients here. We wrote a letter to the mayor voicing our concerns and many neighbors tweeted on our behalf. We’ve since heard the plan has changed—We’re happy about this! Now let’s make sure everything possible is being done to protect the Coler community. Join us in voicing your concern by writing directly to the Mayor:

Mr Mayor, what steps are you taking to protect the residents at COLER, home to more than 500 people who are among the most at risk during this pandemic,
And from Open Doors artist Jay Molina:

This nursing home has been my home for the last four years. Here I found a new take on life, a second chance to redeem myself of all the trouble and pain I had caused throughout my life. I met good people who eventually became my friends. We accomplished so much together. Now we are the Reality Poets. Then this Coronavirus came along. I am a 42-year-old male with some serious health problems, like heart failure, lungs and kidney issues, diabetes and so on. I have cheated death a few times in my life, but I think this is a different situation. I think about how if I get this virus I will have to go to an overcrowded hospital, and maybe I won’t get the care that a person in my condition would need. I can barely concentrate on my work nowadays. I don’t like to feel like this. It’s breaking me apart.

Read More
Also, a poem by LeVar Lawrence (@the_vartist718)

Well, What can I say?

Even though the Coronavirus is spreading fast and killing people

Well, What can I say?

To me it's just another day

It took for a virus to spread world wide to awaken us

To washing our hands and using up the Lysol spray

And if someone coughs they'll get looked at in a strange way

Well, What can I say?

People being quarantined to their house

After a couple of days some people will get tired of their spouse

Kids in the house getting on their parents nerves

Because they have nothing to do

Now they're wondering when will this end

And the schools open back up because I'm about tired of you

That's because most of the people don't be around their kids

So right now they're not sure what to do

Well, What can I say?

All types of shit is going on but

To me it's just another day!

They made it seem like the people catching it were White and Chinese

Friend of mine screamed out that our race is safe

I looked at him and said, "NIGGA PLEASE!"

He said, "This shit ain't nothing but a new version of the flu."

I said, "Yeah OK. But you better not come next to me and go achu!”

What can I say? This doesn't really make me feel any type of way

Because to be honest … We have people who are dying

Open Doors NYC adds:
Members have already voiced how important it’s been to continue creating art and getting their message out during these uncertain times. We are asking for your support today so we can keep supporting their creativity and activism. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or just want to connect.
More info here on volunteering or donating to Open Doors NYC


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