Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Roosevelt Island Tram Begins New Passenger Entry And Exit Procedure During 2 Month Overhaul Project - And No Fare Collection For Riders

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) issued the following advisory last evening regarding the Roosevelt Island Tram Overhaul project:

Please be advised that, starting Wednesday morning, February 27th, there will be new pedestrian entry and exit patterns for both the Manhattan and Roosevelt Island Tram stations.

Please follow the directional signage in order to board and exit the Tram.

Roosevelt Island Public Safety officers will also be on hand to assist riders.

Thank you.
Today's Roosevelt Island Tram morning commute passenger loading appeared to go smoothly and looked like this:

 As reported last Friday, February 22, the Roosevelt Island Tram Overhaul project:
... will need to expand the work staging area to include the Tram Station middle platforms on both the Roosevelt Island and Manhattan sides. As a result, for safety precautions, the middle platforms on both sides will be closed.

During the current work on the North Tram cables, Tram passengers will load and unload on the South Platform.

Since the MTA Metrocard turnstlyes will not be moved, Tram passengers will ride for free while the middle platforms are out of service. RIOC estimates approximately $750 Thousand in lost Tram revenue during this period.

When work begins on the South Tram cables, there will be some days when no elevator service is available at the Manhattan Tram Station. RIOC plans on running the Red Bus Express when elevator service is out....

Video From RIOC Feb 21 Operations Advisory Committee Meeting

RIOC adds:
Leitner-POMA, operators of the Roosevelt Island Tramway and the entity responsible for scheduled maintenance work, have notified the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) that, due to safety concerns, there will be changes to the construction set-up and site-plan. While this will not extend the overall timeline for the scheduled work, it will affect accessibility to both the Manhattan and Roosevelt Island Tram platforms.

In addition, this work will necessitate four (4) separate days of a complete Tram shutdown throughout the planned 12 week project. Leitner-POMA has assured RIOC that they will provide notice at least 48 hours prior to any shutdown. Due to the changes requiring an expanded footprint to the construction site-plan for both stations, the following guidelines will be put in place to ensure safe and efficient service for all passengers while this work is being done:
  • Passenger Entry and Exit Patterns at Tram Station Platforms- Signage will be placed on both platforms to direct passengers entering and exiting the Tram. Due to the limited standing room on the Manhattan Tram station platform, passengers will be queuing on street level. Leitner-POMA and Roosevelt Island Public Safety officers will help provide directions to passengers entering and exiting both stations.
  • Manhattan Tram Plaza Elevators- There will be limited accessibility to these elevators during the construction period. Passengers with mobility limitations are encouraged to utilize alternate transportation options which include: F train, Ferry (Astoria Line), Q102 MTA Bus, Red Bus Shuttle, or to contact the Public Safety Department at 212-832-4545 in the case of an emergency. Transportation and information links can be found on our website at
  • MTA Machines and Turnstiles- During a period of the project schedule, passengers will not have access to turnstiles and MetroCard machines. The purchase of Metrocards will not be available on either side during those times.
  • Roosevelt Island Station Restrooms- Temporary restrooms will be available near the Roosevelt Island Tram station and will remain for the duration of the project.
“We understand that these changes will have a negative impact on daily travel plans, but our foremost concern is the safety of our riders,” said Susan Rosenthal, CEO and President of RIOC. “We will make every effort to keep a timely flow of passenger travel and implement updated procedures, when necessary throughout this project, to keep delays to a minimum.”

To receive the most timely updates on this project, we encourage residents and riders to visit and sign-up for RIOC community advisories. You can also submit a concern or provide feedback regarding this project through the Report a Problem link on our website. For any additional inquiries, please call 212-832-4540.
More scenes from this morning's Roosevelt Island Tram Station boarding.

The project is currently on schedule to last for at least 2 more months.

UPDATE 2/28 - The Manhattan Tram station is collecting fares at this time.