Friday, July 27, 2007

They Like Me, They Really Like Me!

Now that Roosevelt Islander has been mentioned by Curbed I feel like Sally Field must have when giving her 1985 Oscar Award Acceptance Speech for Places in the Heart and exclaiming "you like me ... right now like me...thank you".

The Curbed view on the issue of CAPS (I'm sorry, I know I promised not to do it again but it seemed appropriate given the circumstances) is that it was a deliberate cry seeking attention for critical Roosevelt Island issues. Uhhh, yeah I guess that's right. Anyway, thank you Curbed for the notice and don't be scared. We are friendly.


RI 360 said...

Kudos on the Curbed mention and thanks for the link as well. Small blogs like us need to be encouraged and two different perspectives on this place serves everyone well. Look forward to meeting you of cyber space. - Eric