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Friday, January 9, 2009

Roosevelt Island Gang Awareness Summit On Monday January 12 at 7PM With Gang Expert Ron Cook Barrett

Roosevelt Island Public Safety Director Addressing the RIRA Common Council

Roosevelt Island Public Safety Director Keith Guerra, together with one of his officers and a member of the NYPD, attended the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Common Council meeting last Wednesday night. Mr. Guerra informed the RIRA Council about the upcoming Gang Awareness Summit scheduled for Monday night and encouraged all Roosevelt Island adults to attend so they can learn to spot indications of gang activity that may be affecting their children or a neighbor's child.

In response to questioning from RIRA delegates, Mr. Guerra emphasized he would not characterize the situation as a gang "problem" but that there were gang "issues" on Roosevelt Island. These issues will be discussed at the Summit and only adults will be admitted to the summit. Below is the RIOC flyer announcing the Gang Awareness Summit.
More information on subject is available at NYS Gang Prevention.

You Tube Video of Ron Cook Barrett on What We Can Do


Anonymous said...

hey, you didn't get me in the pic. i was next to the sgt.


Sorry I missed you in the picture. Thanks for attending the RIRA meeting.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be a little nit-picky here. What is the difference between "Do we have a gang issue here on R.I.?" and "Do we have a gang problem?" Btw, do we have a gang problem here?


good question - hope to get an answer at tonights meeting. At the RIRA meeting, Mr. Guerra indicated that there were some examples of gang graffiti at certain RI locations which he characterized as issues but not necessarily huge problems.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that Mr. Guerra is taking a proactive approach in trying to educate the community. I'll be there tonight. I hope they have refreshments. :-)

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