Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Roosevelt Island Residents Association Meeting Tonight To Continue Witch Hunt Seeking To Expel RIRA Member - Internal Dissension Threatens To Implode RIRA

The Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) will be meeting tonight, 8 PM, at the Manhattan Park Theater Club (8 River Road)

As always, prior to the start of each monthly meeting there is a public session in which residents can come and address the Common Council Delegates on any issue of concern.

Unfortunately, some RIRA members are continuing their pursuit/Witch Hunt

 She's A Witch Image From Monty Python & Holy Grail

 to expel Frank Farance from the Common Council as noted in Item 8 of the Agenda below.
Please note VENUE CHANGE

Please arrive a half hour early to help set up tables and Chairs

Date: Wednesday February 5, 2014

Time: 8:00 pm-Finish

Place: Manhattan Park Theatre Club / 8 RR immediately following Cornell Town Hall meeting

1. Public Session (8:00) Geof Kerr

2. Roll Call

3. President’s report

4. Elect a secretary

5. Approval of the January minutes

6. Approval of the agenda

7. Treasurer’s report

8. Second part of procedure to expel Council Member

9. Committee reports- Unless there is a resolution, Committee Chairs get 3 minutes to summarize their committee work.

Government Relations- Select a new committee chair

Communications- resolution

Ethics committee- Chair not present. Code will be discussed in March RIRA meeting after a public meeting is held on February 20.

SC&E- resolutions

Public purpose fund

Constitution and ByLaws


Public Safety-resolutions

Island Services


Main Street Retail

10. Old business

11. New business
This witch hunt against Mr. Farance has been going on since last November dominating every RIRA Common Council meeting since being introduced and threatens to implode RIRA as a viable Roosevelt Island residents organization. As reported following the January RIRA meeting:
... I did not think it was possible for RIRA to look more foolish than it already has on this issue, but I was wrong. The issue on whether to expel Mr. Farance was postponed to next month after a very long, heated and contentious discussion. There are several RIRA members who hate Mr. Farance so much that they appear willing to have RIRA implode from within unless Mr. Farance is expelled. In my view, the majority of RIRA members do not support expelling Mr. Farance and just want to move on to more important issues facing the community....
Let's see what happens tonight.

Stay tuned.

Update 11:35 PM - At almost 11 PM tonight, the RIRA Common Council voted to indefinitely postpone the motion to expel Mr. Farance. The vote effectively puts a stop to this draining and unproductive nonsense. Unfortunately, after the vote, several supporters of the motion to expel Mr. Farance, including RIRA President Polivy, said they are resigning from RIRA.

Prior to the expulsion motion being heard, supporters of the motion attempted to have the discussion conducted in Executive Session, meaning it would be in secret, closed to the public and the press. I strenuously objected to having the public and myself kicked out of the meeting as did many RIRA members. A vote was taken that rejected the motion to go into executive session.

The Circus was certainly here on Roosevelt Island tonight.

UPDATE 2/6 - Video of expulsion discussion here.


Frank Farance said...

Bogus Letter from Lynne Strong-Shinozaki purporting RIRA exoneration. This is an example of what I've spoken about in the Common Council: the kind of
incorrect/misleading baloney that causes much aggravating discussion.

Frank Farance
Island House

Subject: Bogus: The Roosevelt Island Residents Association letter of Exoneration 2014
Date: Wed, 05 Feb 2014 15:52:30 -0500
From: Frank Farance
To: Rick O'Conor, Dick Lutz / The Main Street WIRE

Dick, Rick-

If you have seen this letter, which is on RIRA letterhead, please understand that it is BOGUS. The letter originates from Lynne Strong-Shinozaki (see below) and purports:

"The Roosevelt Island Residents Association, having dully reviewed an external audit of the activities of the SC&E committee inclusive of the 2013 Cherry Blossom Festival, The Easter Egg Hunt, 2013 Roosevelt Island Day and the RIRA Showcase, accepts the audit report and finds no evidence of alleged criminal or unethical behavior."

I spoke with Geof Kerr, the RIRA Auditor, who presents:

- the RIRA audit is not done
- his work on the SCE activities is incomplete, he is awaiting addition documentation
- at present, there is no audit report (as cited in Ms. Strong-Shinozaki's letter)
- Mr. Kerr will only be opining about financial records, not criminal behavior or unethical behavior

Frank Farance
Island House

Bill Blass said...

Oh my this is so upsetting how do I explain this to the new hipsters in eastwood.where do I begin rira no longer has a president how will this island survive .

Bill Blass said...

I dont know which is more fun to be in the audience.a Saturday nite live show.or a rira meeting

OldRossie said...

This is really strange.. but I get Bill's joke here. If RIRA disbands, whats the loss? Whats the impact to residents? It's been broken for months, so why do we care if RIRA is gone? Not being a jerk, honest questions. I may be agreeing with Bill. I gotta lie down....

Bill Blass said...

I know how upsetting this is for the people of the island.but don't worry people we will get thru this.we are Roosevelt island strong. Give your child a extra hug tonite and assure them that every thing will be ok.we will have a new rira president soon.

Bill Blass said...

Just like to remind people to report any open windows in your building To public people are so upset with this event.that people may throw them selves out the window thanks

YetAnotherRIer said...

I sure hope that Frank learned a lesson or two as well.

Bill Blass said...

Will the island ever be the same after this