Tuesday, February 24, 2015

More NYC Freezepocalypse Today - East River Covered In Ice As Ship Passes Roosevelt Island

Wow - there was alot of ice

flowing by Roosevelt Island today

as ships maneuvered their way on the

East River.

More NYC Freezepocalypse pictures of Roosevelt Island East River Ice Floes from previous post.

According to the East River Ferry:
All this ice in the river has been annoying, right? Totally. We thought we'd explain (to the best of our ability) what's been going on.

The funny thing about the East River (technically not even a river, but an estuary) is that the tide changes multiple times per day, enabling ice to enter from different major bodies of water, making it nearly impossible to predict what it's going to do, or where it's going to be. In the winter, when it's so cold that there are large chunks of ice floating in the river, one minute N. Williamsburg could be totally socked in by ice and (literally) another 20 minutes later, DUMBO could be experiencing the same problems, but N. Williamsburg is OK...
UPDATE 2/25 - Diana Desrocher shares this great picture of a ship passing Roosevelt Island through the East River ice yesterday afternoon

Image From Diana Desrocher

and Rossanna Ceruzzi shows us a duck

Image From Rossana Ceruzzi

trying to deal with the East River ice this morning.

UPDATE 2/25 8:30 PM - Eva Bosbach shows us the ice flowing

Image From Eva Bosbach

on the Queens side

Image From Eva Bosbach

of Roosevelt Island.


Islanderx2 said...

Technically, all of the definitions of estuary do not describe the East River. A tidal strait or tidal channel is the best description of the "River."

Simina Cana Kroculick said...

Last July we were informed of the following two things:
- a new RFP would be out to get both elevators replaced. What is the status on that?? Seems like nothing has happened since then
- a new service agreement was made with a company called KONE whereby we were to expect reliable service. It is now almost two weeks without service. I hope this is not anyone's definition of reliable. Can there be more transparency into the issues? It is hard to imagine that neither elevator can be fixed right now.
We now have to take the subway into the city with our toddler during rush hour and have to wait sometimes 2-3 trains before we can get on the train because of how crowded it is. Taking the bus seems to be more difficult as it doesn't come by at the times RIOC has listed and takes even longer in the morning rush hour.
Can someone please address these two questions??

RooseveltIslander said...

It's going to be at least a year before there are new elevators at the tram. More info at this previous post.