Tuesday, January 26, 2016

NYC Blizzard Brings Nearly 30 Inches Of Snow To Roosevelt Island - RIOC And Building Management Clean Up Of Roads And Sidewalks Is Pretty Good

 Image Of Roosevelt Island Blizzard From Joyce Short

Last Saturday's NYC Blizzard brought nearly 30 inches of snow to Roosevelt Island according to the FDR Four Freedoms Park.
How did Roosevelt Island do cleaning up the roads and sidewalks from the January 23 NYC Blizzard. Very well, according to this tweet by a resident.
For the most part, a good job was done by the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) and building managements making Roosevelt Island roads and sidewalks accessible  for pedestrians and vehicles on Sunday. the day after the blizzard.

Except on Sunday there were portions of Main Street sidewalk at the Riverwalk Commons,

in front of Island House,

and Manhattan Park

that were not plowed, making it very difficult to walk in those areas.

Also, the Good Shepherd side entrance was not plowed either. until a couple of residents decided to do it themselves.

On Monday, the snow around Riverwalk Commons

Island House

and Good Shepherd

areas were removed.

But the snow by Manhattan Park remained.

RIOC President Charlene Indelicato had this to say about the Roosevelt Island response to Saturday's blizzard:
Building Managers were invited to a pre snow meeting to discuss plans for the storm. Some building managers showed – others did not. We will reach out to all again stressing the importance of such meetings.

We also intend to look at all the leases and delineate responsibilities in accordance with the leases. On first glance, it does appear that some buildings and businesses, if not all, are responsible for their sidewalks and adjoining areas. This being said, RIOC has always tried to attend to our roadways and sidewalk areas to insure the safety, health and welfare of the public.

We will be meeting with the individual managers of the buildings and businesses to develop a coordinated effort of keeping roads and sidewalks clear of snow/ice and debris.

I believe that working together we will have even better results than we have now.

I also would like to take this opportunity to thank all who worked so hard to clean the Island. I would ask Jack Mc Manus, Cy Opperman, Fernando Vargas and Juan Rivera please share with your respective teams my heartfelt gratitude for a job well done. The snow was record and the effort as well.
Frank Farance comments and shares these photos: 
Pedestrian safety hazard fixed just before storm, thanks to PSD Director Jack McManus. Stepping in the hole would have been a broken ankle or leg - not mention a snow plow lifting up plates.

Construction crew closed the hole and welded the plates together.

RIOC's incomplete shoveling job, no way for handicap users to access Sunday's 8:15 Mass.

By Monday, most of the Roosevelt Island roads and sidewalks

were clear of snow.

Good job by RIOC, building management and residents
removing most of the snow from Roosevelt Island roads and sidewalks.

For comparison, here's a report on the blizzard clean up in Queens.