Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Watch Video Of Roosevelt Island Emergency Preparedness Town Hall Hosted By NYC Council Member Ben Kallos And Emergency Management Commissioner Joseph Esposito - Go Bags, Hurricanes, Emergency Evacuation, United Nations Week RI Bridge Traffic Disruptions & More

Last Thursday September 29, Roosevelt Island's NYC Council Member Ben Kallos, together with the NYC Office of Emergency Management, hosted an Emergency Preparedness Town Hall at the Good Shepherd Community Center Chapel.

According to the Twitterverse:

Council Member Kallos issued this statement following the Roosevelt Island Emergency Preparedness Town Hall:
... nearly 200 Roosevelt Islanders learned how to prepare for the next storm and received free go bags, so they will be ready when the time comes. The event was hosted by Council Member Ben Kallos, Office of Emergency Management Commissioner Joseph Esposito, Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation Acting President Susan Rosenthal and Roosevelt Island Public Safety Director Jack McManus. On the eve of National PrepareAthon! Day, residents came to learn emergency preparedness skills so they will be ready as climate change leads to more unpredictable weather conditions in and around New York City.

Since 2014 Council Member Kallos has funded the Roosevelt Island CERT with $8,000 for new, up-to-date, modern two way radios designed to be operational in the event the island suffers an emergency and the CERT is activated.

“Every New Yorker should be trained to handle emergencies and own a Go Bag,” said Council Member Ben Kallos. “Always be prepared, especially if you live in an area that is prone to flooding. You never know when a natural disaster may force you to evacuate.”

“NYC Emergency Management works tirelessly to ensure that New Yorkers are educated about emergency preparedness,” said NYC Emergency Management Commissioner Joseph Esposito. “We’re happy to partner with Council Member Kallos to provide an important opportunity for Roosevelt Island residents to receive information on NYCEM’s programs and community-based initiatives, as well as how best to prepare themselves to respond to emergencies.”

“We are grateful to Council Member Kallos for making the security of Roosevelt Island residents a priority. RIOC is always looking for ways to increase security efforts, such as with the recent improvements to the emergency response time of the 911 Call Center. That crucial update, taking into account the unique nature of our Island, was the direct result of all stakeholders working together. Now, with respect to emergency preparedness, RIOC looks forward to working with OEM to ensure the health and safety of our Roosevelt Island Community.” Said Susan Rosenthal Acting President of Roosevelt Island Operating Cooperation.

September is National Preparedness Month culminating with “National PrepareAthon! Day” on September 30, the inspiration for the evening’s training ahead of Atlantic hurricane season. The event included the distribution of free Go Bags — a collection of items you can use in the event of an evacuation. Each household member should have a Go Bag, which should be sturdy, lightweight, and portable, such as a backpack.

The Go Bags that were distributed contained:

First aid kit;
Flash light with batteries;
Radio with batteries;
Poncho and emergency blanket;
Dust mask;
Pen, paper and magnifying lens;
Sanitary products including wipes, tissue, soap, comb, as well as tooth brush and paste; and,

Must be supplemented by residents who should add:

Copies of important documents in a waterproof container;
Extra sets of car and house keys;
Copies of credit and ATM card and cash;
Bottled water and nonperishable food;
List of medications and dosages household members take, or copes of all prescription slips with doctors’ name and numbers;
Child care, pet care and other special items;
Contact and meeting place information for your household, and a small regional map.
Here's video of the Town Hall provided by Council Member Kallos. In addition to information regarding emergency preparation and Go Bags, issues discussed included Roosevelt Island emergency evacuation plans (29 minute 30 Second Mark) and the annual Roosevelt Island Bridge traffic disruptions (3 minute 25 second mark of second video) during United Nations week. Watch both videos. They contain very informative  and important information that can help keep you and your family safe when an emergency occurs..