Thursday, November 20, 2008

Roosevelt Island Tram Design Cabin Survey - Which Cabin Do You Like?

RIOC is conducting an online poll to determine which of these four Roosevelt Island Tram Cabin designs are most prefered by the public for the Tramway Modernization Project. No additional information regarding whether the tram cabins are of equal characteristics other than appearance is provided in the poll

Take the poll here and view web casts of RIOC Board meetings concerning the Roosevelt Island Tramway Modernization Project as well.

RIOC should also consider polling the Tram Cabin names. The Carvatech, Gangloff, Sigma and Sigma Square just does not seem very rider friendly. Any suggestions?

I think I prefer Roosevelt Island's version of the Mountain Glider - The River Glider

You Tube Video of Mountain Glider


Anonymous said...

I like whichever cabin fits the most people.

Rick Rosenshein said...

Great blog, photos, videos and articles. Very informative. Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work. Rick