Thursday, August 16, 2007

Duane Reade to Open after Labor Day - Hopefully

Products have started to be shelved at the new Roosevelt Island Duane Reade. This afternoon I spoke with one of the employees who told me that Duane Reade was hoping to be open right after the Labor Day weekend.


Anonymous said...

I want to be the first to say: Yay! Now all we need is a decent grocery store, an ice cream parlor/bakery/donut/"everything that's not good for you but the kids will love" place, and a bookstore.

Oh, and some decent restaurant with a bar would be awesome. Something Mexican and/or Italian would be just fine.

Of course, our rents are gonna go up and up and up forever.

Anonymous said...

Great news. A decent bar, not the dank hole formerly known as Julies (and its predecessors), would be a very cool addition - especialy with waterfront views, maybe some good snacks and decent (not fancy) food of any ethnic variety.

Anonymous said...

Thank God !!!

I dont have to run into Manhatten to get my supply of condoms and KY

Anonymous said...

I ws a DR at 64th & 8th Ave today and let me tell you there was a little gal behind the checkstand with one hell of a rack on her. I suggested that she might want to think about transering to the DR on RI. I did catch her age 19 so all is good in the legel department. If she comes to the new RI DR I am going to be buying my purple manhood pills from her so she knows that this 45 year old can still bat the ball.....if you know what I mean

Anonymous said...

Do you know what other retail is going in that building? What about the new buildings now under construction (and when are they due to be completed)?

Congratulations on being picked up by the other blogs and NY media. Perhaps it will open the wondow and bring some fresh air to the Island.


I was told that Chase is interested in a portion of the remaining space at 425 Main Street and that the new building is scheduled to be completed by the start of 2009. No information on potential retail at new building.

Also, thank you for your kind words. Please continue to contribute your thought and comments and tell your friends and neighbors. The more readers who comment on the blog the greater influence we have to improve the quality of life here on Roosevelt Island.