Friday, May 16, 2008

No Queens Bound F Train Subway Service for Roosevelt Island This Weekend/ But is Tramway Surfing a Transportation Option?

We all knew that the past two weekends of normal subway service for Roosevelt Island would not last much longer and it has not. According to the MTA, there will be no F train service from Manhattan to Roosevelt Island this weekend.

Be prepared for very crowded Roosevelt Island tram cabins like this from several weekends ago resulting from the lack of Queens bound F train service.

However, despite the picture of person standing on top of moving tram, to my knowledge, there is no truth to the rumor that RIOC is testing the possibility of adding roof top standing room positions for the Roosevelt Island Tram to alleviate overcrowded tram cabins.

Fellow blogger Roosevelt Island 360 calculated that since the start of this year, Roosevelt Island experienced weekend subway service outages for 13 out of 20 weekends and asks if this may be some sort of New York City subway record. Anyone know the answer?


Anonymous said...

rioc is sooooooooo missing out on a revenue-generator here - i would pay at least $10 to ride up there, each way!