Wednesday, May 11, 2011

No Elevator Service Available at 63rd/Lexington Ave F Train Station Platform and No Roosevelt Island F Train Subway Service To Manhattan This Weekend

I noticed the elevator at the Lexington/63rd Street F Train downtown station platform was out of service yesterday. A flyer taped to the wall next to the elevator door indicated that the elevator will be out of service until May 13.

However, according to the MTA's Elevator and Escalator Status page, service on the Lexington/63rd Atreet F Train platform elevator will not be restored until May 17 (Click on image below to Enlarge):

Upon realizing that there was no elevator service at the Station, this gentleman was not very happy.

Although many of the Roosevelt Island residents who use this station can easily exit the Lexington/63rd Street Station via the escalators and stairs, there will be some of our neighbors who are disabled, elderly or traveling with strollers who will not be able to use the Station as long as the elevator is out of service.

Also, the MTA reports no Manhattan bound F train service from Roosevelt Island this weekend starting at 12:01 AM Saturday to 5 AM Monday May 14 - 16.


Anonymous said...

This elevator has actually been out of commission for nearly 3 weeks, with a tiny window of availability over 2 days. Letters, e-mails, calls to MTA, elected officials, Channel 11's MTA monitor have proven useless.

And except for one day when the escalator nearest street level (with the 3-part stair) was out of commission too -- it is just a matter of time before all escalators and the elevator are all broken or not working at the same time.

It is probably time for this elevator to be totally replaced rather than fixed with some tape and spit as been the practice. This is a heavily used station and the forthcoming construction linking the 2nd Avenue Subway with the F train is going to make for some interesting commuting.

Hopefully this weekend we will see some enhanced Tram service to and from Manhattan for the subway-challenged...

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