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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Update From RIOC President Charlene Indelicato On Future Temporary Closing Of Roosevelt Island Sportspark After Shutdown Of HHC Steam Plant

Concerns have been expressed recently by some Roosevelt Island residents regarding the closing, even temporary, of the Sportspark facility

Sportspark Image From Google Maps

when the Steam Plant

 Image Of Roosevelt Island Steam Plant

closes. As previously reported, there is an online petition to:
which has 253 signatures in addition to a printed petition bringing total signatures of more than 400 to date.

Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) President Charlene Indelicato provides this update today on the Sportspark facility:
In response to inquiries concerning closure of the steam plant, RIOC has been working on both a temporary and permanent solution to heat the facility. Sportspark’s current heating system depends on the steam plant being operational. When the steam plant closes, RIOC intends to use a temporary oil-powered boiler to heat the facility until a permanent heating system is installed.

We do not currently have a definitive date from New York City Health and Hospital Corporation ("HHC") for the closure of the plant. We have, however, communicated the need for HHC to provide us immediate notice when the closing date is determined. We expect the facility will be closed for no more than five days during installation of the temporary system.

We have commenced our efforts with respect to designing, procuring and constructing a permanent heating system. This process is anticipated to take approximately a year, during which time we will continue to use the temporary boiler system as needed. When the permanent system is ready for installation, Sportspark is expected to be closed for no more than two weeks to allow for the necessary construction.

We additionally note that we have not had conversations with Cornell about Sportspark or its heating.

We will be sure to promptly provide the Roosevelt Island community with specific dates and times concerning the closure of the plant and related heating work at Sportspark when we have such information. It is of great importance to RIOC to keep the facility open and available to the community as often as possible.
More on the Sportspark temporary closing at this post which includes video of Ms. Indelicato and RIOC Directors discussing the issue during August 22 Real Estate Advisory Committee meeting.

The Online Petition is here.


CheshireKitty said...

Too bad that in May, 2 months after the renovation, critical deficiencies were found at Gristedes. Although the deficiencies were then found to be corrected 2 months later, in July, the fact that the surfaces at the deli were so gunked up after only two months, is frightening.

Let's hope the store continues with its current good cleanliness record.

I personally enjoy shopping the new Gristedes; sometimes, there are fairly good deals. It's definitely much improved in all ways over the old Gristedes.

Budulay Leopoldovich said...

ok , first they closed pool in westview, now the sports park... why do i get a sense that island is taken over from islanders a bit by bit, piece by piece