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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Roosevelt Island Residents Help Set World Record For Most People In CPR Relay Today In Times Square - Roosevelt Island Hands Only CPR Training June 5 At Tram Lawn And Subway Station, Help Save A Life

Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Social, Cultural and Educational Committee Chair Lynn Strong-Shinozaki reports that residents Sharon Williams and Francesca DeCesare are participating today in the American Heart Association Times Square CPR Training Relay.

Ms. Williams shows how Hands Only CPR is done today at Times Square Relay.
Ms. Williams and Ms DeCesare help set a Guinness World Record for most people in a CPR Relay.

Ms Strong-Shinozaki is receiving an American Heart Saver Award for her efforts in teaching and advocating for Hands Only CPR training. To date, Ms. Shinozaki and her colleagues have trained 454 Roosevelt Island residents in Hands Only CPR.

Here's how to do Hands Only CPR.

Ms. Shinozaki adds:
Friday June 5th from 5-8pm we will be training people in front of the Tram and the Subway. We will be training people on Roosevelt Island Day with the American Heart Association and Cornell Medical Center. Lastly we will be training people before the summer movie series.
Roosevelt Island Hands Only CPR Training

was available at last night's RIRA meeting.

You can do it too. Help save a life.



D. Evans said...

I agree with Ms Joy Reid (a former Island resident and wonderful commentator/journalist plus) and Mr. Escobar (our Island Common Council President) that Roosevelt Island should welcome the Clinton campaign. I suspect that RIOC and others will be as well prepared as other locations would be in managing such an event here on the Island. The activity places the Island in the news in a positive way and that could hopefully work to our advantage going forward.

Westviewer said...

But, Roosevelt Islanders ARE a bunch of whiners.

Frank Farance said...

CK, couple missing pieces on your explanation. Katz, Helstien, Lutz, and WIRE staff canceled the RIOC 2010 elections. In May that year, the RIRA GRC (government relations committee) was planning on 2010 elections. They met with Kellner. In June, their legislation (taking all the RIOC board appointments away from the Governor) had passed both Senate and Assembly, and awaited the Governor's signature, and they believed that Patterson, a lame-duck governor would just sign the legislation (ultimately, he vetoed the legislation).

So in June, confident with their legislative progress (the legislation, I recall, would also prohibit the Governor from providing a single RIOC President candidate and require a minimum of three of which the RIOC Board would choose), were now ready to fire Steve Shane.

You'll see from the E-mail below that it was mostly the WIRE staff that made the decision in the secret "core" Maple Tree Group meetings, even Ellen Polivy and I were not permitted to attend. With the MTG decision to cancel the RIOC elections, they went into the September RIRA meeting: Matt and Sherie made the argument that they were opposed to the RIOC elections (along with RIOC Board members Margie Smith and Jonathan Kalkin making similar self-serving statements), but while RIRA might have considered putting on RIRA elections, it was Matt and Sherie insisting that they would refuse to help with the elections and the rest of RIRA would be on their on creating elections from scratch -- that was the argument (Katz/Helstien's veto) that swayed RIRA into not having 2010 elections.

Of course as outsiders, one can easily see the flaw: the big "democracy" idea from Roosevelt Island was thrown away because, if you can pick and choose when you want to hold elections (or cancel elections to keep your friends in office), then you're not really interested in the principles of "democracy".

So when Governor Cuomo wanted to fill an expired RIOC Board position in June 2011, thanks to the cancelled RIOC 2010 elections, Roosevelt Island had no candidates to supply. Yeah, the MTG regulars went berserk, but the message was: Why did you cancel the regular 2010 elections, which would had candidates ready for June 2011? In other words, it was perceived that Roosevelt Island had no valid complaint on Ferrera because we PURPOSELY cancelled the November 2010 RIOC elections. (Note: there were some objectionable aspects to Ferrera, such as potential conflict of interest issues with the Child School being such a large leaseholder of RIOC properties. But the MTG people stuck to the wrong argument, they were calling for "democracy", but it was falling on deaf ears with their obvious manipulation and cancellation of the 2010 RIOC elections a half-year prior.)

Of course, these points (e.g., lack of candidates to fill expired positions) were presented at the September 2010 RIRA meeting discussing the November 2010 RIOC elections, but the MTG people really wanted their people to stay in ... which was necessary to get the Rivercross ground lease extension approved by the RIOC Board in December 2010 / January 2011, and they thought with new candidates available, newly elected Governor Cuomo might appoint replacements in the January 2011 legislative session, which could threaten the Rivercross majority the RIOC Board, which was necessary to get the Rivercross ground lease.

Frank Farance said...

Maple Tree Group (mostly WIRE staff) in their secret meeting/vote on cancelling RIOC 2010 elections. In the 7-1 vote, six of those seven are WIRE staff: Lutz, Barfield, Katz, Helstien, Heimer, Bauer ... and all hold significant positions in the WIRE. Or from a journalistic perspective, how can the WIRE report on this topic when its staff are the ones actually *making* the news (not merely reporting the news)?

I believe this is why legislators started to wonder about this so-called democracy thing when it is driven, largely, by the newspaper's staff. (And add to the poor showing at the Governor's office protest, it seems that this group was not representative of the Island.)

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2010 21:57:57 -0400

As I expected, Frank, and as you've seen from the emails, no one has any problem with disclosing the detailed results.

The 7 votes in favor of holding the next RIOC election in 2012 were Barfield, Bauer, Heimer, Helstien, Katz, Lutz, and Marcus.

The vote for holding the next RIOC election in 2010 was Mincheff. (I spoke with her just now -- she said that she'll send an email confirmation.)