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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What Jams Up The Roosevelt Island AVAC Garbage Removal System - Christmas Trees, Exercise Equipment Vacuum Cleaner, Phone Books Cinder Blocks, Frying Pan & More

You ever wonder what kind of crazy items get thrown down the Roosevelt Island Automated Vacuum Collection System (AVAC) and jam up the 20 inch pipe?

Here's your answer

and more on the Roosevelt Island AVAC garbage removal system.

More on Roosevelt Island AVAC garbage removal system at this previous post.

UPDATE 8:20 PM - Urban Omnibus has a very interesting article on pneumatic garbage removal tubes used on Roosevelt Island, a plan for their use at the Hudson Yards development and a proposal for their use affixed to the underside of the High Line:
... The elegance of Juliette Spertus and Benjamin Miller‘s proposal for the integration of pneumatic tubes into existing infrastructure — in this case, the High Line — comes in part from how minimally invasive its implementation would be. The proposed system, which would mark a third foray into pneumatic waste systems in the city after Roosevelt Island’s and Hudson Yard’s, also proves its worth by facilitating myriad goals articulated in the de Blasio administration’s OneNYC plan. Here, the two designers, researchers, and waste management experts articulate how a network that serves buildings across multiple developments could expand the utility of infrastructural repurposing and demonstrate the feasibility and attendant achievements of rethinking our waste management practices....
Click here for full Urban Omnibus article.