Monday, October 26, 2015

You're Invited To Roosevelt Island Community Coalition Membership Meeting Wednesday October 28 - Learn About Cornell Tech Development From Roosevelt Island Residents Advocacy Group

Image From Cornell Tech October 1 Roosevelt Island Town Hall Presentation

The Roosevelt Island Community Coalition (RICC): an advocate for the health and well being of the Island community and its organizations during the Cornell development. We work to urge the fulfillment of Cornell's verbal and written commitments to the community....
Image From Cornell Tech October 1 Roosevelt Island Town Hall Presentation

RICC Board member Judy Buck invites the Roosevelt Island public to its membership meeting on Wednesday, October 28. Ms. Buck reports:
Roosevelt Island Community Coalition
Wednesday, October 28, 2015
6:30 pm
Westview Lower Community Room
645 Main Street

Members, please attend and vote for a Board of Directors! Public is welcome!

Light refreshments
Ms Buck adds that in addition to RICC members voting for Board Of Directors, the meeting will include:
Review of past few months RICC activity: providing key City officials with update on every Cornell promise in NYC lease; meetings with Cornell and City officials to push for promised "adoption" of PS217; continued vigilance on all issues.

Highlights of highly positive Cornell Town Hall meeting of Oct 1st, which included Andrew Winters' announcement of reduction in number of trucks from original projections; and Cornell announcement of a comprehensive, concrete plan for PS217.

Any pertinent news from Cornell Community Construction Task Force meeting Oct 26th.
Here's a list of Cornell Tech commitments made to the Roosevelt Island community and video of October 1 Cornell Tech Town Hall Meeting.

Also, construction update from Cornell Tech:
October 12 - October 23 Look Ahead

Roadwork and Central Utility Plant – The structural slab on grade at the Central Utility Plant (CUP) will be poured in the beginning of this period. Interior columns will commence at the CUP as will the layout of the Shear Wall. Duct bank installation continues at the Tech Walk. Excavation for utilities on the south side of the East Loop Road will continue and sanitary, storm, and water lines will be installed. The fence along the east side of the West Loop Road will continue to be relocated to the west side, as construction of roadway utility infrastructure is forecasted to begin toward the end of this month.

Co-Location Building – The foundation for Co-Location Building will be complete in the first week of this period. Waterproofing and backfilling of the foundation walls will continue through this period. The crane for Steel erection and fa├žade installation will be delivered this week and steel erection will commence in the week of 19 October.

Residential Building – The 10” sanitary line will be connected to the infrastructure in the street. The exterior porch slab will be poured in the first week of this period.With the tower crane erected, DOB sign off is anticipated by the end of this week. Columns and Shear Wall forming will begin the week of 19 October.

Bloomberg Center – Erection of steel continues with 2 cranes. Additionally, metal decking has commenced on the first floor. Backfilling along the west wall foundation will be completed in this period.

Barge Operation – Barging activity will become more frequent with the start of the steel erection for Co-Location Building as the steel and other miscellaneous material for both buildings is being delivered by way of the barging system.