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Friday, October 28, 2016

Roosevelt Island Parents' Network Workshop Shares Information, Experience & Tips On Choosing A New York City Kindergarten For Your Child - Watch Video Of The Kindergarten Workshop

Roosevelt Island Parents' Network Coordinator Eva Bosbach reports:

Dear RI Parents,

Thanks to all of you who made our 6th workshop in the Parents for Parents series "Choosing a Kindergarten" possible!

Approximately 30  Roosevelt Island parents attended our Sunday October 23 workshop and 10 parents presented as speakers at the panel discussion and answered questions. The videos of the workshop are now available below.

I would like to thank all our speakers for their time and expertise in presenting about school choices available to Roosevelt Island parents:

Irena Durkovic and Chris Warsing spoke about Roosevelt Island's own PS/IS217 general education and G&T program, Michal Melamed introduced the Gifted and Talented program (G&T) as part of the NYC public school system and also informed parents about the Special Music School and the Charter schools later in the workshop.

Three parents introduced three unzoned school options for Roosevelt Island parents: Pamela Stark the Ella Baker school, Magda Orlicka-So the Tribeca Learning Center, and Jax Schott Midtown West, including information about the Individualized Education Program (IEP), which was supplemented through Nina Lublin in the audience, and through materials sent in by Sarah Birnbaum.

In addition to the G&T program at our local public school PS/IS217, two other district wide G&T programs were introduced: Aiesha Eleusizov presented about PS11 and Arshi Saeed about PS77, the Lower Lab school.

For independent schools, the thank you goes to Kristi Towey who introduced the Poly Prep Country Day school and the Garden School as well as private schools admissions in general, and to Melanie Ramjoue who presented about the United Nations International School (UNIS).

Firuza Mukhamadieva could not be present at the last minute, but she kindly offered to answer your questions via e-mail about the city-wide G&T program at the NEST+m school, the district wide G&T program at PS111, and the Hunter placement for Kindergarten and high school. Adele Ganly for the St. Stephen of Hungary school and Kippi Rai-Spraggon for the Success Academies were also not able to attend in person but kindly offered to answer your questions via e-mail. You can contact me with questions about the city-wide G&T program at PS334, the Anderson school, and also if you would like to get in touch with any of the speakers.

Thank you to all our parents speakers! :)

We would also like to thank the Roosevelt Island Jewish Congregation, Main Street Sweets & Eats and the Girls Scouts of Roosevelt Island for co-hosting the workshop.

Special thank yous go to Janine Schaefer and Girl Scout Troop 3244 & 3245 for designing our flyer this year, and to Heart Sugiyama, Megumi Shinkawa and Ryan Ashley for videotaping the event so that parents who are interested but were not able to attend can watch it online later.

Thank you all and Happy Halloween weekend!

Here are the videos of Roosevelt Island Parents' Network 2016 Choosing A Kindergarten workshop courtesy of Heart Sugiyama and Megumi Shinkawa. There are 8 videos of various lengths in the playlist. Individual videos can be seen here.

Contact the Roosevelt Island Parents' Network for more information.  

UPDATE 1;40 PM - Click here for videos and more info from 2014-2016 Roosevelt Island Parents' Network Kindergarten Workshops.