Wednesday, November 20, 2019

You're Invited To Meet Friendly Roosevelt Island Neighborhood Scientists, Weill Cornell Medicine Postdoc Pub Talk On Manhattan's Next Top Model Organism At Nisi Restaurant December 3- Watch Video Of Past Postdoc Pub Talks On Frederick The Sperm's Journey To Fertilization And Top Mouse: The Development Of Social Dominance

The Postdoctoral Association of Weill Cornell Medicine is hosting their fourth neighborhood Pub Talk event at Roosevelt Island's Nisi Kitchen (559 Main Street) Tuesday December 3..

You're invited to attend.

According to Postdoc Pub Talks:
Come meet your friendly neighborhood scientists! Grab a pint and join us as four researchers from Weill Cornell Medicine discuss the model organisms they use to conduct their cutting edge research, at “Manhattan’s Next Top Model Organism”. Featured organisms include Yeast, Zebrafish, Cell Culture and Cerebral Organoids, and Transgenic Mice and the event will conclude with a panel-style Q&A about the relevance of these models and how they are used in research. December 3, 2019 - 7:30 PM at Nisi Kitchen. Visit for more information!
Last June 24, the Postdoc Pub Talk featured a talk by Melanie Balback on:
Survival of the fittest: A Sperm's Journey to Fertilization
and Katherine Lopez on:
Top Mouse: The Development of Social Dominance
Here's the presentation by Ms Balback

followed by audience Question and Answers:.

And the presentation by Ms. Lopez

followed by Q&A.

So, come meet your friendly local scientists Tuesday, December 3 at Nisi Restaurant for the Fourth Roosevelt Island Weill Cornell Postdocs Pub Talk.