Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jig Back or Dual Haul System - Is Roosevelt Island Tram Replacement and Shutdown Really Necessary - Public Hearing on Thursday October 2

You Tube video of love song for Portland Oregon Aerial Tramway

Unlike the Portland Oregon Tramway, no love songs have yet been written for the Roosevelt Island Tram but RIOC has announced that they will be holding a public information meeting on the Roosevelt Island Tram Modernization Program this Thursday, October 2 at 7 PM in the Good Shepherd Community Center.

For more information on the Roosevelt Island Tram modernization project, click here and take a look at this week's Main Street WIRE as well.

Below is the transcript from August 5 2008 Empire State Development Corp.'s hearing on the Roosevelt Island Tram Modernization Program. On pages 14 - 15 RIOC President Steve Shane presents the case for the Tram Modernization Program.
The existing system has functioned well for thirty years and can continue to function for the reasonably foreseeable future subject to unplanned mechanical failures because it is a complicated and aging mechanical system.

But to assure reliability going forward, the dual haul system, replacing the jig-back system, is really the way to go in the opinion of all of the transportation people who have studied this system. And that is the basis of the public benefit that is the subject of this hearing.
Since Mr. Shane acknowledges that the Tram can function well for the reasonably foreseeable future, the question is if this modernization program is worth the projected $25 million cost, the great transportation burden placed on many elderly, handicapped and other residents from the prolonged 6- 9 months (hopefully) shutdown of the Tram and the decreased cabin capacity, despite increase resident population. of the new tram (current capacity of 125 will be reduced to 100) as expressed in the views of those Roosevelt Island residents testifying during the ESDC hearing.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if it's possible to take a water taxi from RI to Manhattan? If so is it quicker than driving through Queens?


There is no Roosevelt Island ferry service to Manhattan or anywhere else at present although there are plans to have a Roosevelt Island dock built by 2010 near the Octagon on the north side of the island. Hopefully, ferry service will come soon thereafter.