Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Roosevelt Island Rats Infesting Riverwalk Buildings Area

Click on image for close up view of rat on lawn in front of Starbucks

The addition of more restaurants and outdoor eating options in the Southtown Riverwalk area is a welcome amenity for Roosevelt Island but it has also resulted in a notable increase in rats brazenly scampering all over the place particularly on the lawn in front of Starbucks, near the new fruit stand and elsewhere. While sitting at the Starbucks outdoor patio recently, I noticed out of the corner of my eye what I thought (hoped?) was one of the black squirrels scampering nearby but soon realized it was a huge rat. Very, very disgusting!

I inquired of RIOC President Steve Shane the following:
I have received several messages regarding a rat problem in the Southtown area, particularly around the new Fruit stand concession and lawn in front of Starbucks. I even saw a huge rat scampering in front of the service entrance at 425 Main. Is this the responsibility of the Landlord to address or RIOC? If RIOC's responsibility, can you advise what is or will be done about this problem.
Mr. Shane responded that RIOC:
... and Southtown (Hudson/Related/Riverwalk) are all in the fight together, that we live in an urban waterfront environment and there never will be a perfect solution, that cleanliness and attention to trapping, poison, etc. are a good thing, but that construction sites in particular, where established nests are disturbed always give rise to rat appearances. Everyone has the problem. We need the Pied Piper.

On Monday evening, I noticed this mound of garbage piled up high outside of Riverwalk buildings 3 & 4 on Main Street which could make a gourmet feast for our neighborhood rats.

I advised Mr. Shane of this situation:
... there is an additional problem of the Riverwalk buildings leaving their garbage bags on the street from early evening until early morning when the garbage is finally picked up. A sumptuous feast for the rats as well. Yesterday, the garbage from Riverwalk Buildings 3 and 4 were on the street from at least 5:30 until 4:30 the next morning. Attached is a picture. Will Southtown ever be connected to the Island's underground garbage removal system?
He replied:
The AVAC system is connected to Southtown. I do not know the origin of the garbage piled outside except if its from the commercial stores. Need to figure something out.
One thing we as residents can do is to stop throwing left over take-out food from the Fruit Stand, Starbucks, Nonnos and Fuji East on the street and put it in the waste basket where it belongs. I have seen many people just throwing their scraps on the sidewalk or lawn despite their being garbage cans not more than 5 feet away. Also, people throwing their crumbs to the pigeons at Starbucks contributes to the rat infestation problem here on Roosevelt Island. It would be helpful if we stop supplying meals to the rats and that Starbucks put up some signage advising others not to feed the pigeons.

You Tube video of Do not feet the pigeons


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it seems that littering is part of American culture. I am not saying everybody litters but a lot of people don't think twice before they throw whatever they found in their pockets on the ground.

Anonymous said...

Rats problems aren't new to the Island, as a resident since 1979, we have always had this problem which stems mostly from the river.

Anonymous said...

I see people at the fruit stand throw the half eaten fruit into the bushes-where the rats nests were a few weeks back...not a good idea, since you are feeding them.
And Monday night, the fruit cart was left out all night and rats can climb right in and feed on it.
Hope we don't continue feeding them. RIOC just paid to have their nests cleared and baited..Not a good idea, and very unsanitary....
Hope you are not eating unwashed fruit.

Anonymous said...

I live in Riverwalk. There was never a problem, even with all the construction. I was one of the first tenants in 455. I have to say the Japanese restaurant keeps everything very clean. However, Nonna is the problem. They drag the garbage and every morning the staff has to degrease the sidewalks. (I have pictures of it and a rat too). They use our staff, use our cleaning solutions, use our carts, even used our gym! and on 4th of July used the lawns, did not clean up themselves (our staff had to do it) but made fabulous profits for themselves. All I can say is they better clean up their own act because I will start complaining weekly to the Board of Health and shut them down. I will also encourage the powers that be to ban outdoor dining for Nonna if they don't get their act together. (by the way, our staff is the best!)

Anonymous said...

TRELLIS has been another rat/vermin feeding station forever, and, nothing much was ever done despite violations issued and shutdowns by the NYC Health Dept (rats/mouse droppings were reported also INSIDE the diner in over 60 violation reports).

RIOC permits Trellis to STORE garbage for DAYS in the GARBAGE SHED on the church side - rats party in their RIOC ClubMed nightly. That's where the tables are put out, and RI residents actually PAY to eat 10-15 feet away from ROTTING GARBAGE, while they are listening to the so called 'music' - a torture for Island House and Rivercross apt dwellers. The 'music' is below ANY level as well - but VERY LOUD bang bang, in VIOLATION of NYC Noise Control Law.
Even bigger GABBAGE SHED is placed next to the 575 Main Str grocery store. The stench is unbearable, garbage stored forever, vermin love it !! The resident cat takes care of vermin inside the store, they have to go somewhere - it's RAT PARTY TIME on RI.

It's AMAZING that we supposedly went to the MOON, but, on RI ALL is a big problem, rats rule!

RIOC doesn't feel as the NYC laws/codes, etc are the LAW on RI-it's pick-n-choose, who has the bigger mouth. As others before, Steve Shane has been leading this effort, as a NON-ELECTED political dead-wood appointee, brave rep for the NYS abuse of citizenry. RI was REMOVED from the NYC and placed under the NYS for only ONE reason: give a NYC plaything to the Albany hacks, a source of additional money streams into private pockets at public's expense (just like the WallStreet bailout). The 'affordable housing' was also a perfect vehicle for money laundering that few would ever question.

The RI would be so much better of, had we been under the NYC.
RIOC VIOLATES numerous NYC codes and laws, and, the RI residents PROMOTE it, by (blindly?) following the LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR in all areas of our life.

Anonymous said...

Who the heck is Nonna?