Friday, August 7, 2009

More Strange Occurences Happening On Roosevelt Island - Soul Storage Company Will Remove Your Soul And More!

You Tube Video of Soul Storage Promotional Presentation

A new chapter in Roosevelt Island's history of attracting the odd, strange and unusual has begun wth the opening of an innovative new medical facility. As described by the company's web site, The Soul Storage Company's:
... patented De-Souling™ technique actually allows its clients to have their souls removed, whether permanently or just for a little "mental vacation." After a simple and painless outpatient procedure, you will walk out of our doors unburdened, leaving your soul behind in our secure, state-of-the-art storage facilities. Later, if you decide you're ready to get your soul back, the procedure is easily reversible… but don't be surprised if you learn to love living soul-free!...

Soul Storage Image From Facebook

The Soul Storage Company is easily accessible:
Hours: 9am-6pm, Monday through Friday. Our convenient Roosevelt Island location is accessible by car, tram, or public transit.
and offers customers the opportunity to store their souls in New Jersey if New York Sales Tax is a concern.

Anyone intrigued or interested in helping a new Roosevelt Island business succeed and live without your old soul or try out a new one?

There's More!

Well you can't do this in reality but you can go see the movie Cold Soul starring Paul Giamatti and discover what happens to his character. The movie was filmed on Roosevelt Island primarily at the Octagon Building.

The NY Post reviews Cold Soul here.


Anonymous said...

This is obviously a CIA cover. The guy claiming to be Dr. Flintstein is the CIA official who tried to kill Jason Bourne!!

Anonymous said...

Very creepy.